Yeah 200 weeks of #BeerSaturday - show us your beer 🍺

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Nearly 4 years in a row

since now 200 weeks we call YOU to have a beer and post about this.

I - @detlev - spent days and weeks to handle all this post and calculations and had even the fun to talk at 4 hivefests about this challenge.

Anyway - we like to get a few more people to our beery challenge and you may INVITE a friend to join us with a post this week.

We might have as well some extra prizes for this week. Let's see...

BeerSaturday at HIVE.png
(C) by pixabay and modified by @detlev for #beersaturday

200 weeks beersaturday.gif
Free to use and mady by @detlev ev

Please add the following line to your post but change @jedigeiss to a friend of yours

This week of #BeerSaturday, I like to invite the wonderful @jedigeiss to write a post about beer with min. 3 pics in any language

We have 14 HIVE - 16 BEER - 2 LEO plus some votes in prizes

Please re-hive this weekly post to your friends

Every week we call ALL THE BEERLOVERS around the world to send a beer story & some pictures to the worldwide beer community to celebrate the BeerSaturday challenge here on the blockchain.

Today the HIVE #BeerSaturday Challenge calls for YOU to JOIN the fun at this week.

(C) by pixabay and modified by @detlev for #beersaturday


Now LEO token for winners

Starting with week 192, we have another sponsor. The wonderful @alexvan like to support the challenge each week with 2 LEO. We have now each week 2 more winners with 1 LEO each

Big Thank you to @alexvan

BEERFRIENDS alpha started

We called the @beerfriends to get some interaction with people and BEER going.
To have a box of BEER together, you are invited to add you bootle (with your hive picture as a bottle cap) to a box of 24 BEER to get the BEERking of this box.

The BEERking get back 80% of the Beertoken from all friends.

See the last few friends who did a BEER token into the actual box


We already got this working with Keychain and therefore you just need to got to and add your bottle to the actual box.

Again, all this is early alpha version and we need your ideas to create some more fun around the Friends of BEER

The BEER community


Yes, we have a great beer community. Now around 850 members here on Hive

You are welcome to join at


The weekly challenge

with a good story and a beer

about THAT beer
and celebrate with us week 200

All the HIVE from this post goes to the prizes and leftovers to the pot. All HP is for my work.

This is YOUR chance to blog about beer and get paid for the content to buy another beer for the next week challenge

Have a short look to the simple rules of the HIVE #BeerSaturday Challenge and join this weekly Challenge where you may win some of our prizes.

The Prizes

Every week we give away some HIVE, some BEER and the best two posts will get a nice upvote.

Here you see our prizes in HIVE

This week HIVE PrizesValue Prize6 HIVE
2.nd Prize5 HIVE
3.rd Prize3 HIVE

The thirsty @BeerLover sponsors each week some BEER token for quality posts with a nice story and many pictures.

This week BEER PrizesValue
This week Prize pool16 BEER token

LEO tokens

From our new Sponsor @alexvan we have each week some LEO token for the winners. Great to see that the challenge get more support

The #BeerSaturday rules

Please have a look to be able to win.

1. Post with the challenge

Create quality content and not just one picture. Add some text! Have Fun

a. Picture a beer with 3+ pictures

b. Add a story about beer

c. use the Hashtag #BeerSaturday in your post

2. Win cool prizes at the challenge

As all is about quality content and boosting this main Hive #BeerSaturday challenge post

d. Upvote this main HIVE #BeerSaturday challenge post

  -->  we count the percentage from your upvote as factor X

e. Copy the "link of your new post" into a comment to this main "#BeerSaturday challenge post" as your entry

f. Have people upvote on your entry at this post

  -->  we multiply this as well with  factor X 

g. The judges of #BeerSaturday may give a BONUS for great content, ReHive or other reasons

--->   we multiply this as well with X 

The BeerTicketLottery

The math of #BeerSaturday is a mixture of engagement and a random number.


From all that numbers everybody gets an specific amount of HIVE #BeerSaturday lottery tickets and we do the math and choose the winner by a random number - That ticket will win.

Means, a higher upvote to this main post - get's a higher chance to win the challenge.

This HIVE challenge offers a fair chance - even to a tiny minnow - to win a prize. We calculate the winner by the engagement, amount of upvotes and by a random number process.


  • You may post on any weekday but add our hashtag #BeerSaturday
  • You might post more than one of your articles, bu only the one with most votes goes to the lottery
  • I will check the results on Saturday midnight (California Time Zone) after I wake up on my Sunday

The Pot

(C) by pixabay and by @detlev

The HIVE generated by the weekly challenge posts and the weekly payout post is used for the Prizes. Any leftover goes to the pot.

Actual Pot

The Pot has 245 HIVE

The earned HBD/HIVE from the payout post from week 189 and later are not in the pot yet

Some very special beer lovers

image.png image.png

As supporter and beer expert @buzzbeergeek
and @detlev (me) can't win prizes at this challenge!
We just make this thing possible every week.

The honourable community members

since so many week we run this challenge and therefore we have to say a big BIG THANK YOU


Many thanks again to
@zekepickleman @harveyword
@muelli @jeffjagoe @seckorama @rynow
@ynwa.andree @johnspalding @handofzara @melbourneswest @cryptictruth @borran @jacobtothe @pundito

for YOUR POWERFUL support for such a long time and all the beer you have to drink for us.... please let me know who I have to add to the list


Many thanks again to
for YOUR POWERFUL support

Please vote our Sponsors for Witness

This week we love to have vote for ats-david and for pfunk and cryptobrewmaster with just a few clicks

Special thanks to all the Hivians who voted on the #BeerSaturday posts lately

@uwelang @nfc @redpalestino @whitebot @slobberchops @minnowsupport @merlion @steevc @nelkeljdm @eforucom @accelerator @gohba.handcrafts @backinblackdevil @arcange @funtraveller @ctime @derrick829 @elizacheng @lizanomadsoul @bluesniper @roxane @connecteconomy @scooter77 @shenanigans @bukiland @cowtippin @satren @smokeynagata @thepe @vannour @finanzamt @jagoe @kiddarko @adventureevryday @ravenruis @oendertuerk @jeffjagoe @stiflers-mom @sunsea @jnmarteau @hamsa.quality @raphaelle @buzzbeergeek @elviento @chinchilla @broxi @computerhilfe @manncpt @lordvdr @quekery @saffisara @cryptonik @tinoschloegl @morph @sbi5 @nelkel @dadview @luna777 @mdosev @acknowledgement @basterundco @samotonakatoshi @patricklancaster @filipino @flodor @linerus @fsherberg @su-upvote-stats @thedevilsbride @jankaptein @aiyanna @effofex @mundharmonika @shakailove @daeshawn @opt2o @sportschain @bellastella @thefactfactory @teaholik @jmiller05 @mruniverse @cryptonewsblog @tengribizmenen @der-mysteryblog @samanthabarolli @kennybrown @sweetpee @blockgatorsarmy @bitrocker2020 @joannewong @aaronleang @danieldoughty @veenang @bboyady @zord189 @joanstewart @quinneaker @exyle @brittandjosie @powerpaul @isarmoewe @cryptobrewmaster @rollie1212 @anomadsoul @feuerelfe @grampo @wakeupkitty @gamer00 @jacobtothe @abitcoinskeptic @johnspalding @sagesigma @onlavu @ange.nkuru @forykw @exator @partitura @lesiopm @hauptmann @ruhrsearch @luca-legend @acidyo @ervin-lemark @carlagonz @alexvan @alex-rourke @papilloncharity @johannpiber @braaiboy @fredfettmeister

Love to see your post for this week

Have a great day
enjoy #BeerSaturday
and stay healthy

@Detlev loves HIVE

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HERE go to the party. 😎🍻

BeerSaturday 200.jpg

Seriously hit this post and upvote it. Some GOOFY beer names!


Serious job on the banner 👏

Wow! 200 weeks!
Way to go @detlev
Can’t wait to have another beer with you and the #BeerSaturday crew

Yeah I remember our great time in BKK


200 weeks already! That is dedication! I made a ncie beer selection for this with some random thoughts on the side

it is time to hit the pubs again and start celebrating!


Hell yeah, we need more!!

The Reigning BeerKing has arrived! Cheers to everybody wh has a !BEER in his Hand!

And congrats to 200 Weeks of Full BeerSaturdays!!

Here’s a fancy beer review for this special occasion!


Congratulations with the 200th anniversary of Beer Saturday!

Hereby my entry

Pull up a chair, grab a cold one and raise a toast to @detlev and Beer Saturday #200!!

Unreal stuff 👏 👏 👏 🍻 🍻 🍻


Yummy Duvel. A real tasty one. !BEER 4 U

 2 months ago 

Hey @ablaze, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

200 weeks thats amazing dear @detlev i going to join to the #beersaturday this week.
hugs and kisses

Die Woche ist schon wieder rum!

Liebe Grüße Michael


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Your contribution was curated manually by @mima2606
Keep up the good work!

 2 months ago 

Hey @detlev, here is a little bit of BEER from @rivalzzz for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

I threw my beer in the box here and I am IN for week 200!


I am chuggin old favourites with all my drinkin' buddies here and toasting 200 weeks!



whoot, you will sooner or later end up as a #BeerKing

Woop, finally after 3 days of trying and failing to post I have managed to get it on here! Here is my entry for week 200 😀
Also - This week of #BeerSaturday, I like to invite the wonderful @dorgar to write a post about beer with min. 3 pics in any language