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RE: A pleasant surprise around the corner

in BEER3 months ago

Holland is maybe not that bad after all, isn´t it?

How are you doing chica? Haven´t seen you around, or I just didn´t notice, that´s an option too.

Let me share a secret with you, it´s on Hive, and it´s called Listnerds. (yes yes, referral link, lol). Listnerds is all about marketing your content!

Listnerds is a mailer, but not the classic mailer. @jongolson and @blainjones are the masterbrains behind this.

It immediately will draw more eyes to your blog, and engagement, and more valuable relations and earnings. As a bonus you earn those delicious Listnerds tokens too. 2 hive = 1 listnerd. You can find me on discord, if you want to know more about it ... XXX


All is well here madame and good to aee you again. I was around, but not doing anything cool haha maybe that is why we missed.

How are you then!! Hopelijk alles goed!

Im.gonna check out this listnerds when I get back, never heard of it and curious!

Voorzichtig met de storm morgen!