Extreme heat alert. Take me to the mountains Triple IPA by the Sofia Electric Brew. Birthday present 3/5

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Today is the hottest day in this summer, for now, and temperatures are about 36 degrees centigrade now. At least that’s what the weather app is telling me. The thermometer on my shady terrace tells me that it’s 35 degrees currently outside, so if you’re in direct sun, you’ll feel about 40-45 degrees of heat. This certainly is extreme and if you don’t have a pool of some kind in your yard, you’ll better stay inside.



The kids are really enjoying their bucket full of water, but that’s really not enough to me. Really, this photo was taken yesterday after 5 o’clock because that’s the time when the temperatures start to decrease. I barely managed to stay 5-10 minutes outside now, and take some photos of the beer that is in today’s post.


The beer is brewed by the famous Sofia Electric Brew team and they seem to be very consistent with their beers lately. Many of my craft beer picks are brewed in this brewery and they seem to never disappoint me. Now the beer is a Triple IPA and hell, this beer is highly alcoholic! After all it’s a Triple and it’s alcohol content is 9,8%. This surely is a lot and with only one can of 330ml you’ll feel dizzy a bit. Now let’s see what is really inside the can.



The beer is very hazy and develops quite a lasting head. It’s carbonation is in very moderate levels and getting much carbon dioxide in such a high alcohol beer is relatively difficult. The color is hay yellow and it looks brilliant with this haziness. The juicy appearance is here and the beer seems to be calling me. Time to taste it!


The first impression is the very high hopping levels and you can taste a lot of citruses and tropical notes. The bitterness is very high and the high alcohol results in a very warming end. It almost feels too alcoholic and a bit unbalanced. I think if they had stopped this beer at 9-9.2% alcohol, it would feel quite more enjoyable. I don’t say it’s not delicious, but I’ll most likely prefer it a bit less alcoholic.


Of course, in this heat the beer will end very fast, although it’s high alcohol content. After all it’s very cold and does it’s job perfectly. And it surely delivers real joy with the hoppiness. Well, I guess this will end my post. See you soon and stay safe, away from the summer heat.

See you!


Cheers to global warming man this heat is getting ridiculous.

This summer wasn’t so hot until now. Usually the beginning of July starts to be a little bit too much. Luckily we have some beers around.

I'm so glad Norway managed to dodge the heatwave. I bet that Triple IPA was perfect for a day like this. Easy to accidentally go on a bender with heat like this :P

Or way seems to be a lot norther so you’ll happily have not so hot weather. How are the usual summer temps like?

It can get pretty warm but this year we haven't gone above 25. I prefer 18-21, that's my ideal temp.

looks like a mango drink :D, i know that is annoying be in a place with 40 degrees of termic sensation

I don’t think I’m at the worst time, but even temperatures past 35 degrees feel pretty unmanageable to me.

That is hell of a high temperature. This temperature will do the skin a very high damage if one is not indoor.

It is risky a bit, especially for the elderly people. I guess we have to wait a couple more days because the weather will be a bit cooler.

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Suffering too, from the heatwave here in Greece. The thermometer showed 37 around noon, too hot even to go to the beach.
I simply adore bulgarian beers. I have tried many, but not this one. Might try it during my next visit to Sofia.


I’ve been to Greece last week, but didn’t have the chance to try any special Greek beer. I don’t think there are places near Nea Vrasna where you can buy a nice craft beer.

Actually the temperatures last week were around 32-33 degrees so it was manageable. The beach was very hot and burning from 12 to 16. Not to my preferences.

Thanks for stopping by!

I haven't visited Nea Vrasna,so I don't really know about craft beers around there. But these few last years there is an increase in microbreweries around Greece.
Hope you have the chance to try some of them next time.

I think there must be a lot of shops in Thessaloniki, which is not so far away,still some hours away, but really Nea Vrasna is a sort of a village. Luckily there were some local
Shops where we bought some ouzo. 😁

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I like how the can is chillin on top of the glass. Cool name for a beer, looks good buddy. Cool that you had a good trip and youre back. Keep rockin man.


Thanks a lot, man! The can is really chillin in top. And I was chillin inside. 😁