It's crypto crash and not Beer crash

in BEER11 months ago

The crypto space saw a really downward movement this week. Despite this a lot of people lost hard earned money, either to the market or the value of their portfolio decrease.

However, the situation of crypto I have chosen to make myself happy this weekend by participating in #beersaturday. Got some Trophy Larger beer from a nearby store and make myself feel like I have won a trophy. These days I have decided to make myself me by not allowing what I cannot control bother me. I will rather forget and work on not falling prey next time as well as improving and controlling what I can control for my best interests.

Life is just too short, so managing oneself and having diverse sources of income and genuine information space for better opportunities is a soft way to live a profitable financial lifestyle.

A sweaty #Saturdaybeer is very satisfying for both the gullet and body. When #BEER is very is very chilled it looks sweating.

It's really a Crypto crash and not #Beer crash. Drinking responsibly is the best way to appreciate #BeerSaturday