Why is Privacy important and why do we give importance to Privacy?

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Even though I'm late for this topic, I still have to share my thoughts and perspective on the question. I didn't come here for nearly a month because I got lazy. I don't know if it was because I was pregnant because I've been very lazy lately, even taking a bath. Now, I won't miss the time that gave me the energy to write and allowed me to be here.

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If you are familiar with the issue involving prominent YouTubers or vloggers in the Philippines from the past month, I will not name any individuals because I may not be permitted to do so and because this also protects privacy. This issue is an excellent illustration of the significance of privacy and its operation. It may involve two, three, or fewer people. Conversation is one example. Discussion would one say one is of the protection that we individual have, we could do without to share our discussions tp others as we hitch that it is our security and we need it tp be protected, correct?
I learned something and discovered something as a result of this issue. As a fan and YouTube user, I am able to clearly identify which side was incorrect because I can see that both sides are defending themselves as well as their image.

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My considered family and close friends make up who I am as a person. Naturally, when it came to my family, I gave them my trust and love. Therefore, when I talk to you secretly, know that I trust you and that I am sharing this information with you because I know you won't betray me. I'm not picking sides here, I am simply sending my own contemplations and assessment too. Why? because I was in this predicament four or five years ago. I got sold out with my two treated family closest companions. I let them use my phone whenever they wanted, and I gave them what they wanted. And when I learned that they had both betrayed me, I felt like a broken glass that could not be fixed. I never again trusted them after that incident.

If someone talks to you in private, it's not because they want to spread rumors; rather, they trusted you to believe that what you hear will never be delivered. Back to the conversation: Taking screenshots of your private conversation and posting them on your social media accounts to show that this person is a bad influencer and that she tells me something negative about you and her friends As I stated, I trust you when I share private conversations with you. However, in this instance, they took screenshots as evidence of slander in order to conclude that the subject is not a good person.

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Now, have you become a better person because you shared and leaked private conversations? No? In no way. It merely demonstrates your lack of trustworthiness and how little importance you place on private conversations. I'll be glad if my friend tells me something in private or shares it with me because it shows that they trust me. Because it was never right, I oppose leaking conversations and spreading them. I've been told that if you leak a secret conversation without asking permission from the person you're talking to, a case needs to be filed. Would that be preferable?

I suppose all of us are very familiar with bad mouthing. Who else wouldn't criticize someone who is truly awful? Is defamation a crime? There is no such thing as an impartial point of view. So in the event that that individual educates terrible thing concerning me, I won't care, that is her viewpoint and if at any point I likewise tell something, then, at that point, that individual will not additionally care. We don't have to be perfect to not judge other people; we just have to put it in place and keep it safe. I am not implying that bad mouthing is beneficial; rather, it really depends on the person who lives with badmouthing or judging the private lives of others.

This situation is not surprising to me because it has happened to me and could happen to you as well. It happens to everyone. This has caused a lot of people, especially young people, to share private conversations with their friends without realizing that the person they are talking to also talks to other people. If only everyone knew what privacy means and how important it is, none of this would happen. Furthermore, the outcome? It's possible that you're to blame.

We ought to all be aware that maintaining privacy necessitates respect. Give respect if you are aware that this part is private. That way, neither you nor the person behind this would be in danger.


Privacy is important but not all people aware of it. In Indonesia, it's pretty much the same situation like in PH. I think people just overly curious and sometimes doesn't respect any boundaries that we set. Leaking private conversation is also pretty normal where I am from that people don't discourage it which is crazy to me. Sorry it happened to you but yeah, I am glad that awareness of privacy is endorsed more and more. Nice write up!

Okay good to know. Sometimes we just need to realise that if we dont like what we are getting then we should change what we are giving.

I know one in social media. What's happening in their lives netizens knew. Emotional damage can lead to risk of other's lives.
For safe situation, trust no one.

Indeed, that's why we should be aware of the data privacy act. However, many people are still not aware on the importance of it