OfficialGamboaLikeUs finally arrives on hive!

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Writing, I have always loved to write since I was a child. I like to write what's on my mind, even though I know no one will read it. I was inspired by a book before, I read it when I was still in elementary and I already forgot the title. And because of that inspiration, I am dreaming to published my own book on the future. Even if I can't reach my dream, I will not stop dreaming.


By the way, let me introduce myself. I am GyraG, known as OfficialGamboaLikeUs on I was born in laspiñas, but when I turned 7 years old we moved to Iloilo. That's where I became aware of everything, and that's where I studied until I graduated from Senior High School. I am a 3rd year college student now, under Bachelor of Science in Office Administration major in Stenography. I intend to take political science and become a lawyer in the future, but because of the hardships of life and lack of money I just choose major in stenography at least, I can still work at the court when I graduate as a stenographer.

I am 21 years old, and right now I am staying here in Baguio for good and my parents are still in Iloilo. I'm planning to pay a visit there next year, which is January or March and it depends on when my live-in partner is free.

I was invited by @ayane-chan where is she's like a sister of mine. Thank you @akumagai and @eunoia101, thank you for supporting me with delegations that can help me as a newbie. May the God bless you both.

What's My Hobby?

I love reading books, I also love reading articles that is connected to our daily lives and I like staying outside where there's no people around like on the rooftop. One of my hobbies is spending my time reading articles at readcash and making a lot of articles that I can save on my drafts so that I don't run out of things to publish.

What do I like?

I like meeting new people, I also like to socialize with others where someone becomes close to me. I like traveling and I like eating but I really prefer to stay at home and do housework.

Another Things About Me.

I am a pet lover, I have 3 dogs which is 2 labrador and 1 aspin, and I also have 11 cats when I was still on Iloilo, and here in Baguio, I have 23 totals of hamster, 7 dwarfs and 16 or 17 syrian hamster. I'm also a type of person, where whenever I see animals like dogs or cats on the street, I want to keep them. But since, I'm just a boarder, I cannot bring more animals. But, I am planning that soon, when I make my own house, I promised to myself that I will adopt more dogs and cats that I will see on the street just like what I am doing way back in Iloilo.

I'm a slow person also, I'm not a kind of a person where I can get jokes easily. It takes me a couple of times before I finally got it and during that time, it's already hours or days passed.

Before joining hive, I was a bit nervous since I knew that I would enter a different blogging level. But despite everything, I'm also excited. I'm excited to meet new people, to gain new experiences, and also I'm very excited to make new friends and acquaintances here and learn new things.

Again, I am GyraG. 23 Yearsold, from Iloilo, but currently residing here at Baguio. Everyone can call me gy,thank you for your time reading this! Have a nice day everyone!


!discovery 25

Thank you po!

Welcome to Hive Gyra!
I am a pet lover too! I have never been to Iloilo but planning to visit after the pandemic. I always go to Baguio in my teenage years because of my dentist appointments.

Anyway, try to visit different communities here too! Enjoy!

Yes po, I will. Thank you po!

 2 months ago  

Welcome to Hive Gyra! I know you'll enjoy the block chain as much as you do in read. You have an amazing talent in writing, and I saw dedication from you as well.

In here, we have lots of community, contest, and friends to meet. Keep exploring and discovering them one by one. We're here to answer some of your inquiries.

Break a leg!

Thank you so much!

 2 months ago  

Welcome to hive @gyrag 😍 I seen your writings and no worries you will contribute most of the good actions here. Good luck and enjoy the endeavour. 😍

Hi manong! Thank you po!

 2 months ago  

Welcome to hive @gyrag. Wow, animal lover ka pala. At ang dami mong pets. We also have some hamsters. 🥰

But mejo naguluhan ako ng kunti lng, are you 21 or 23 years old?

21 po. Sorry po namali sa last part 😅

 2 months ago  

No worries. Pra ma edit mo lang. Hehe. Basta tambay ka s discord. Masaya dun. Haha. Dami ka matututunan. At pwede ka rin magtanong kung anu gusto mo malaman.

Welcome gyrag!
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May meaning ba yang wow? 🤣 Or literal na wow lamg? 🤣

Welcome to Hive Beb!

Salamat po ate! Nice to see u here po!

Welcome to Hive, Gy! Explore lang communities, gurl and find your niche. See you na lang sa Dinagyang. 😘

Yes ate see u! Hehehe

Welcome to Hive! It's cool to meet other people who are from Baguio hehe. Hope that you enjoy your experience in hive

Are you also from Baguio? Thank you! ❤️

Yes po hehehe

Welcome aboard Gyra!!! Now eh may maitatawag na pala ko sayo hihi 😆😆

Real name ko sis HAHA slamaat sis!

Ahhh yeah gandang name be?!! Hihi enjoy ka dito ha

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Welcome madam.. I actually don't know Stenography before..until I met you 🤣.. I guess you know what right things to do here..
Good luck with your journey here 😊 enjoy!
Im not sure what I can send you !LUV !PIZZA !Hivebits !LOLZ

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Maraming salamag po ate! Yes po, nagbabasa po ako sa rules ng bawat communities lalo na at nabanggit sakin na strict rin po dito

Welcome ate sa Hive. Andami na pala natin na tinry itong platform hehe

Salamat beh!

 2 months ago  

I'm a slow person also, I'm not a kind of a person where I can get jokes easily. It takes me a couple of times before I finally got it and during that time, it's already hours or days passed.

Bwahaha! Okay now I understand why you didn't understand the joke Adam said in the discord server. 😂

Glad to finally see you have made your intro post @gyrag!
Welcome to Hive officially!
I'm pretty sure @ayane-chan and the rest of the other Filipinos will guide you so don't worry about it! Just have fun! You're excited now, and we're also excited to see you grow here.

Good luck! And See ya around!

Thank you ate! Yes po, super slow ko talaga minsan to the point na tatanga ako kasi di ko talaga minsan magets

 2 months ago  

Ang cute nga eh!

Matagal na akong cute eh, bago pa ipanganak HAHAAH cheret

Welcome to Hive @gyrag, grabe ang daming mong alaaga, buti hindi ka naabala? Kami dito sa bahat, 2 dogs at 2 cats lang meron kami.

Opo, mahilig po kasi ako magampon noon kaya dumami sila ng dumami. Maraming salamat po!

Welcome and keep it up.

Finally welcome to hive Gy ♥️

Maraming salamat ate!

Welcome to hive community @gyrag..I hope you will enjoy your stay in this platform..

Uy andito ka pala, salamat!

 2 months ago  

Hello Gy!
I'd love to adopt your hamsters 🥺
I used to have hamsters as pets! Sooo cute and low maintenance.
Enjoy here, Gy!
Looking forward to your future blogs 💖

True sa low maintenance 💓 you just need to feed them kangkong or anything na healthy for them. Thank you po!

Welcome to Hive! God bless your journey here ♥️😍

HI MA'AM salamat po!

Welcome Gy ka-bayaning Puyat! HAHA you will be an amazing person to be added on this platform for sure. They already said great words already so ayun nalang. If you gets lost in the process just send a message sa general ng Hiveph and someone will be answering it for sure.

Hello dati rin Ako nagaalaga Ng hamsters kaso hininto ko na, Ang ikli kase Ng Buhay nila, pinakamatagal Ng teddybear ko 4 years..

Yey! Welcome to hive Gyra!
Happy to know you are finally here!

Hello, @gyrag! This is @anggreklestari from the @OCD team. We saw that you already posted your first post here in Hive Blockchain! Congratulations and welcome!

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The important thing is Hive is a bit different from other social media platforms since you are monetizing your blog. You can't include content that you don't own without sources. For more information, check this post: Why and How People Abuse and Plagiarise.

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Have a great day!

ohmyyy, hello @gyrag !!! welcome to Hive!!!!

I intend to take political science and become a lawyer in the future, but because of the hardships of life and lack of money I just choose major in stenography at least, I can still work at the court when I graduate as a stenographer.

there's my mission that if i cannot pursue my dream course pohon because of our financial problems, I'll make sure to finish the other option of profession first and get back to it once I'll be stable in life na, which i hope matupad.

anyway, i loved reading your intro because i get to know you that you're an animal lover as well, im shock with the numbers of cats and hamsters you have.

Welcome gyrag! If you love travel check out @travelfeed / :)

You are indeed a per lover sissy! You have a lot. ❤

Ayee ,naka sulat na siya🥰
Welcome to hive and I knowag eenjoy ka dito.Sana lahat tayo mag success no hihi

Hello sis @gyrag nice to meet you here in Hive. Welcome and let's learn new and other blogging platform together.

Hello, Gyra! Welcome to Hive!
We have the same goals! I also want to adopt all the stray dogs and cats. I'm a furmomma of 7 doggos, 3 pups, and 3 cattos. Hopefully, we will be able to achieve our rescue goals one day!

@gyrag bienvenida a la colmena, tengo la certeza que tu contenido sera de gran calidad e impactara positivamente en las personas que lo vean.
Exitos en HIVE

Welcome po sa Hive.
Ako po ay taga Batangas

Maraming salamat po, galing po akonh iloilo


Welcome here! Marami na tayo dito. :)

hi ate! this is the first time that I saw ur face ah. ang ganda mo hehehe