HivePH Art Challenge: Sining at Likhain

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Welcome to October!

Hey! It’s the start of the Fourth Quarter of 2022. If you haven't realized yet, it is 3 months away from 2023! Knowing this Hive Philippines Community wants you to be prepared and be fully equipped in changing your habits and or add skills to your arsenal!

Welcome 2023 with BANG! of financial literacy! It would be a great practice to have some thoughts about it, plans and execution! So @Hiveph October Blog Contest is all about Financial Literacy, click the link here

But Wait There's More!

How Artsy Are You? Do you like challenging yourself? Do you want to showcase your creativity?

This is an all Filipino Challenge and you're invited!


Welcome to our First Art Contest!

Hive PH (4) four week October Art Challenge in which any Filipino individual are invited to join this event, As part of the initiative of our member @jude.villarta to have a Art channel to our discord community group, Any @HivePh members or any Filipino are invited to create their artwork "every week during the entire month of October.

The Goal

Our Goal for this event is to Encourage and Inspire Everyone especially Filipinos and the whole Filipino Community within Hive to hone your skills, help you develop your creativity, challenge your competitiveness and grow your Confidence! This is for All Filipino Artists, and Aspiring Individuals who want to showcase their talent in their own Art form.

Hive ph Art challenge.png

The Rules

  • We will start the event every Monday on the next four weeks, Any Filipino can send and make an drawing or artwork in as their entry via INK (Traditional, Digital) form, What's your weapon of choice? Please Indicate the Method or Process of your Artwork.
  • We will breakdown the Prompt list into four (4) weeks, and you can either choose one (1) and maximum of seven (8) entries as for the Topics of the Week.
  • Write at least a minimum of 500 words telling us your story, Why you chose the prompt topic, What Process you did in making the Art and What Inspires you to do art.
  • Post it, Reshare it, Reblog it to any Hive blog sites of your choice, and on your social media accounts (fb, instagram, twitter).
  • Tag yourself and the link of your Artwork post on the Comment below.
  • Deadline of submission is every Saturday, 9:00 A.M. Philippine Standard Time (+8 UTC), we will then choose the best artwork and announce the Winner every end of the week.

  • The Weekly Winner will receive 3 #HIVE Token.

The Weekly Prompt List

Starting from this week, Here is the list you can choose from, remember you're not limited to make just one (1) entry, you can maximize your artwork up to eight (8) entries!

Hive PH Art Challenge - Week 1

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
1 - Villain9 - Machinery17 - Isolation25 - Television
2 - Anime Character10 - Dream18 - Goodbye26 - Galaxy
3 - Bird11 - Queen19 - Sharp27 - Mask
4 - Fish12 - Vision20 - Art28 - Eye
5 - Landscape13-Object21 - Flower29 -Zombie
6 - Portrait14-Toy22 - Cat/Dog30 - Hell
7 - Telephone15-Comfort23 - Chain31 - (Your Own Concept)
8 - Sailor16-Moon24 - Plant

We will lock and unlock each challenge every week to avoid confusion.

Disclaimer: All Banners, divider and posters are original and made via Canva.


The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @jude.villarta ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

Uy! Buti na lang napadaan ako dito... parang Inktober challenge din to ah.
Can we post more than one per day?

Hello po sir 🥰 It's best po once per day, if naka create kana po ng work for the other days better schedule the post nalang po 💖

Im not an artist but maybe I will give this a try 😁 HAHA

Join join join!!! Yey

This is exciting! Looking forward to the entries of my artistic hive friends :)

Yey hope we get flooded with entries.. Join ka din po 😌

 2 months ago  

Can't wait to see amazing entries! Good luck, everyone! 🎉

C ~ isa ka sa panels 😂 charowt

 2 months ago  

Sige, lahat na panalo! HAHAHA


Wow! Labas na mga artist and this is your chance to show it and share it to others. Thank you @hiveph for this initiative. Good luck everyone.

Sali ka ate jen 💯💯💯

I will try peru parang wala akong talent sa art hehehe.. ewan ano nga ba talent ko hehehe... it means drawing or painting ba ito?

Yess ate but ink gamitin.. Ballpen.. Pwede dn digital

Goodluck, everyone! :D

Looking forward sa entry mo moon 💯💯

Let'z Go... Pero makikipag argue Muna Ako Kay brain na sutil..😂😂

Kaya mo yan ate shirley.. 💯💯💯 lesgoowww

Yey lessgowww!!!!

grabedad! Handami. Haha excited nako makita mga entry nila

Required kang Sumali!!😂

Haha eto na nga nagiisip na ng idradrawing

Hahahaha aasa ako ha

Oh, totally going to support and participate in this! I have a few concepts already mehehe~ Good job @jude.villarta and @sensiblecast! Looing forward to more contests like this to save me from thinking on concepts, lol, jk. 🤣

Thank you in advance for participating madam ji 🥹


Untitled design.gif

Support! ✊ thanks for tagging, I'm just the 😈writer, this is all @jude.villarta let's support her, art and paint a better world 🙃🔥

You made this happen bud 😌💯😍

I'm just the evil writer. YOU made this happen! 🙃 Rooting for you and your events success! ❤️💯

us both bruh



Untitled design.gif

Sorrna late 🥲🥲 I ran out of brainnnnn
But here's my take on this week UwU
Imma do the next prompts early 🥲

Shookdt, so many art challenges 🤣

You're the first one I remembered. For sure you will like it. Hehe.. Inktober it is hehe..

I plan to just combine the prompts Kasi wala na me time and energyyy
But I want to draw 😭😭😭

Pwd nmn ata combine ang prompt.. Naalala ko dati series of stories mo for Inktober with your sketches ..hndi mo tinapus sayang..

Naubusan me Ng energy talaga dun 🤣 Kasi hirap na idugtong

Sali ka dn ba jane

D cgurado hehe.. But I'll try

You can do it! 🙃

Chill daddy, I have sketch ideas na UwU I just need to render... Hopefully on Friday cuz later is landi day

Looking forward to your entry ban 😗

I already have sketches~
Made them while waiting for papers 😤

noice noiceee

@tegoshei haru chan 😘 baka gusto mo sumali

woooow!!! Thanks for tagging me Judeeee~!!! <3 Will do my best to join. I haven't really drawn anything recently.. mejo busy, pero will insert it on my sched... ^^

No worries haru chan 😘☺️ take your timee 😌

Thank you for this initiative, @jude.villarta, and @sensiblecast! Good luck to all participants. Sana dapuan kayo ng blessings ng mga creative gods. Amen~

Thank you @jude.villarta 🙌🙌🙌 feeling ko talaga 'good luck to all participant' pero mangangati si @arcgspy at gagawa ng entry nya!! Sa sobrang competitive! Eggzzoiiting! 🤣🤣🤣

Naaaur. I'm intimidated!

Scratch that itch and just do it!!! Hahaha do it! Do it! Do it! Consider it as practice 🎨👩‍🎨 😁

accla wag ka matakot 😌 have fun doodling !!!! Join joinnn

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 2 months ago  

Dito na lalabas mga artists sa community yiee. Looking forward to see their entries..
Nakakaexcite naman ito. Congrats agad.😊

I know this is a bit late... I like to share it anywayMy Late Entry for HivePH Art Challenge

I'm a bit confused what week we are now, I may be late but here's my entry for week 2 😊