Who Are They Philippines - Meet Marito The Trisikad Driver

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A little bit more than a week ago, I posted my first #WhoAreTheyPhilippines post and then the follow-up a couple of days ago.

I am going to try and make #WhoAreTheyPhilippines a weekly thing where I randomly select a person in the area where I live or work. I will interview that person, take a few pictures and then post about him/her on the Hive PH Community. After 7 days, when the author reward can be claimed, I will convert the whole HBD amount to the local currency (PHP) and will hand it over to him/her, along with a 1HBD contribution from @ybanezkim26 and 1HBD contribution from myself.

Today, I went back to Ronda, South Cebu, looking for Romeo, the trisikad driver I mentioned in the last post about Ernesto the bladesmith. I thought I could feature him, but sadly I wasn't able to find him. That's ok, I'll just pick someone else. After all it's all about being random in selecting my subject.

So here I was cruising down the streets of Ronda on my scooter, looking for my next "victim" when I suddenly saw this older man sitting on his trisikad on the side of the street. I approached him and asked him if he spoke any English. My Bisaya is very very limited which makes it quite a challenge for me to interview my subjects. I understood from him that he didn't speak any English at all. Luckily for me though, there was somebody else just a few meters away who did speak good English and who agreed to be my translator.

I quickly realized that it wouldn't be easy, even with a translator because Marito, the trisikad driver is almost deaf and can't clearly understand what he's being asked.

Being a foreigner in this country, I very often catch the attention of the people around and before I knew it, there were 20 or more people around us already. I guess it's unusual for a foreigner armed with a notebook, a pen and a camera to be standing on the side of a small street talking to an old trisikad driver.

Most of these people knew Marito and so they were very helpful in providing some answers.

Marito is a 61 year old man born and raised in Ronda. He has been a trisikad driver since he was 15 years old and sometimes doing some carpentry jobs as well. These 2 jobs are his only source of income to support his wife and his children. They are 2 boys and 1 girl aged 22, 16 and 15. Just like a lot of Filipinos he doesn't have possessions and lives day by day.

In the picture below, the child is not his 🙂 It is one of the children of the people around us at that time.

I asked him about his hobby or passion or dream. He didn't have any answer for me simply because he's contented with the life he's had so far and just enjoys the little things in life. The spur of the moment. He does however enjoy spending time with his friends drinking the local homemade liquor on his rest day.

Even though I couldn't converse much with him, I could sense from being around him and from the stories of the people gathered around that he's a good person and appreciated by his neighbors. As the crowd grew bigger, I took a few pictures of my subject and bid goodbye to all.

I would like to thank all of you who have upvoted the previous post about Ernesto the bladesmith and contributed to his reward.

Since then, @ybanezkim26 has generously contributed 20 HBD to the #WhoAreTheyPhilippines initiative and since this contribution came after the reward post for Ernesto, I thought it would be fair to go back to him and also hand him his share of that amount. Here's the proof:

I'd like to thank everyone who is supportive of the #WhoAreTheyPhilippines initiative. Especially @ybanezkim26 for his contribution as well as @romeskie for allowing me to post these features in the Hive PH Community.

See you next week for the next feature and for Marito's reward from this post.


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@steemflow and @indiaunited, Thank you very much for the support.

You are welcome. 🙂

wow a really cool idea to show the place and people to other hiveians like this! you immediately get a much more authentic impression! I'm really looking forward to the next post!

Thank you very much for your positive comment. ☺

What a idea doing good for the people who need good on you buddy i like seeing things like this a puts a smile on my face 😊

Thanks very much for the positive comment ☺

Your most welcome good karma will be with you 👍

Thank you ☺
And thank you very much for the contribution too, it's very generous of you. I'm amazed by all the support I've received and I'm looking forward to make a lot of people smile ☺
Would you like me to distribute it in a specific way or just add it to the pool?

Sorry, I just saw the note along with your HBD 4.95 contribution. All of it is to be given to Marito, is that correct?

This initiative of yours deserves all the support! ❤️ You can give my contrib to Kuya Maurito, if that's okay 😊

Sure, no problem, I'm sure he'll be very happy with it. Thank you so much for your contribution. Be on the look out next week for his reward. I'll definitely mention you ☺

❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for what you're doing. More power! 💪🏼

Nice idea for writing this kind of content. Who knows, maybe many will be inspired and also do the same.

Good luck po sa ganito.

Thank you!
I'd be happy if others would be inspired to do the same 🙂

Oh wow! Amazing initiative!

Thank you ☺ and thank you for your upvote towards Marito's reward.

My father used to be a pedicab driver. I used to fetch him from the pedicab terminal every night (he refused to go home until there's no more passengers). As soon as class and my shift at McD's is over, I would drop by at the pedicab terminal, we'll share a mid night snack of either siopao or bbq , whichever is available. I would insist on driving the pedicab on our way home so he will just sit in the passenger seat. I know how hard it is to drive a pedicab back and forth and my heart goes out to all pedicab/trisikad drivers.

This reminded me of the days when my father was still at the prime of his health. Now he's practically bedridden at home. And covid has been a real challenge because I haven't visited him and my mom since last March.

Cheers to Manong Marito! Yes, just enjoy the little things, and live in the moment.

And cheers to you @iamyohann. This is a great initiative. Even the littlest bit helps, I sent a little something to help with your features. ❤ More power to you!

Wow! Thank you so much for sharing a big part of your life. Your words are very touching.

Even though I have very rarely used their services, I have always been amazed by the fitness of the pedicab/trisikad drivers.

It just can't be easy to drive those especially with heavy loads and going uphill sometimes.

I am also always a bit affected when I see older men in their 60s or even 70s pedaling their way around town carrying younger men or women in their 20s or 30s. It's like things are reversed. At their age, these people shouldn't have to do such a hard work to be able to live.

So yeah, you're right, cheers to Marito, your dad and all the others!

In the 2 months I have been on Hive, I have been lucky to get a good support and appreciation from different people and I want to share some of the rewards.

This initiative is my way to give back a bit to some of the people around here. As of now, my first 2 features are not on Hive and would most likely never join but I do believe they can use a little extra. The amount isn't necessarily much, but for them, it can make a difference.

I hope you can visit and spend time with your parents very soon. It's important to make the most of the time with have our loved ones.

Thank you very much for your contribution. Do you have any suggestion on how you want me to distribute it?

Yeah, those uphill pedalling! My legs hurt on the first times I pedalled my dad's pedicab. But he does it all day, under the heat of the sun and even during rainy seasons. There's more passengers when it floods, so more moneys. But greater risk.

It's totally up to you. I don't really mind, I'm just glad I could share some, even very little, to this kind of initiative. Cheers!

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Thank you very much for the support.

As I read this blog, I do remember my uncle who just pass away few weeks ago. He was also a trisikad driver.

My condolences, I'm very sorry for your loss.

Thank you. I'm ok now, I just remember it when I saw a trisikad driver in your blog.

Good deeds, may your #whoaretheyphilippines catch more attention, can help specific and direct to the person just like Marito.

Thank you ☺