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RE: WATP #6 - Meet Kris The Street Food Seller + Eliza's HBD Reward

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I was waiting for @iamyohann 's next post for quite some time. It wasn' t only recently that I learned there's a new account for this initiative. I missed out on Ate Eliza's feature 😅 But glad to know I'm back on track now. Hehe.


Knowing how active you are with this initiative, I was wondering why I didn't hear from you last week despite being tagged to the post. I just assumed you were taking a break or had other things to attend to.
Welcome back! 🙂

Yeah that was weird. I didn't notice the mention in my notifs. Maybe I really did was caught up in the real world at that time. But I've followed this account already so I won't miss out 💖

Welcome back!
I confirm receiving HBD 4.000 from you. Would you like me to use HBD 1.000 for the next 4 features, including Kris? the same way I do it with other contributions or you would prefer dividing it differently?
Thank you very much for you support.

You can give the 4 HBD to Kris. I'll continue supporting your next features 😁

Sure, I will do. It looks like Kris will be getting a generous payout. I'm happy for her. Thank you very much.