Childproofing Your Marriage | A wife and husband's responsibility

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Married couple after having kids are different. As per what I'm hearing from other parents and couples. Mostly moms are the ones who tend to forget about their responsibility for their husbands. As a couple we need to be the same as what we are before having kids.
...the same as what we are before having kids.
I know that it's hard. Yes! it is. But we need to be minded that we got married and chose to live together because we Love each other and promised to provide our needs. (not just financially, also the love and affection. Physically and Emotionally)

Me and my husband started our relationship on 2004. Became parents on 2005. Got married on 2007. Since we started this at a young age. Our journey is not that easy. I'm 18 and he's 19 when we have our first child. (our first gift, our precious princess). I have experienced a lot of hardships, sacrifices and head cracking situations. (I can't believe I did handle)
How many mobile phones, laptop we did break, 500php he tore into pieces. I'm so paranoid every time he'll go outside and meet his so called "friends" or in "tagalog" we call it "barkada, tropa." It's really hard on my end because I'm the one who's taking care of our Baby.

However, even if I'm experiencing those I never forget to provide his sexual desires and needs. I know how important that is to a married couple.

After a long day of Arguing and Quarrels or before we start our day I make it sure that we are done with the S word, flirting and caressing each other.

I'm so clingy that's why I don't want to start and end our day without doing it.

  • It's the number 1 of the Important things that we need not to forget!

2008 when we received our 2nd gift. I thought I will not experience being pregnant again because from 2005 that's almost 3 years having just 1 child. Maybe because we're breastfeeding, it lessen the chance of being one for almost 3 years. I didn't expect it because I'm planning to have just one child. But I'm not taking any family planning method. I'm just planning without any precautionary actions. (haha) We received our 2nd princess after we got married on 2007 at the age of 20.
It made the situation more difficult. Now we're not just thinking and caring of 1 but 2 children.

Even if we're experiencing those kind of hardships.

We never ever forget to go on a date.

A simple sip of our favorite java chip and mocha drink in Starbucks will do.

Talking about what happened to us the whole day

or how frustrated we are with things that are happening is a big help.
We love talking and sharing stories as couple. I also want my husband to share his emotion and how he feel.

We have Experienced a lot being married and being parents.

A roller coaster hell of a ride.

But we never gave up!

On the part that our kids are growing we never forget to go out. Just us, without the kids. We parents do need that. Go out and feel like you're just teenagers. Feel the love of each other just like on the day that you have started.

We're doing the Couple bonding as ALWAYS!

Attending our favorite Summer Slam event yearly. Checking-in in a hotel or a motel that has a good ambience. Ride wherever we want. Whenever we want. Mountains, provinces, somewhere else. We love to go on places that are not crowded but we're also fond of shopping. Buying things that we want.

We also love to Eat out!

"Couples who EAT and Laugh together, Last together"

  • Mami Sheh

Marriage is not just spiritual communion and passionate embraces;
Marriage is also 3 - meals - a - day and remembering to carry out the trash.

  • Joyce Brothers

Give time for "YOURSELF."



Even though we're couples. We still need a Break. Go out with your friends or just go out alone. Walk, write, compose, draw, paint, sing, read, listen to your favorite music or songs, exercise, meditate, play, sip a cup of tea, hot chocolate or coffee, etc. You can do your hobbies alone, inside your home or outside. Depending on your mood. And if your husband is doing the same. Please! Remember not to bother him.

Remember to always PRAY for your partner!

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Read the Bible (word of God) together.

"Couples who PRAY together, Stay Together"

  • Mami Sheh

Now we have our 3rd gift. Our only Prince after 10 years. (2018)

There's no perfect Marriage.

We're the one who's learning on a daily basis on how to make it good!
We are still working on our relationship but we know what to do now.

We're better than before!






Marriage is a blessing. Congrats on your three beautiful children! :)

What a wonderful family!
I admire how you really love Kuya Kiko even if most of the time we give bad advice when you're mad at him. Siyempre kampi kami ni Annie sayo. More years to come. Love the editing of this blog, looks formal without emojis.

Thanks friend. Alam ko naman na ako lagi ang kakampihan ninyo.
Sa pc ko kasi yan ginawa. Walang emoji. Haha. Mas okay pala kapag Wala.

Thats a good tips for a grat marriage.
Keep it till the end.

By God's help we will. 💖

I also got married at 18, only one son. Nabiyuda at 34, my son now is 30 yrs.old with two daughters.

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I also got married at 18, only one son. Nabiyuda at 34, my son now is 30 yrs.old with two daughters.

  • you can also pass on the experience. Me I've learned po in a hard way. Hindi kasi ako nakikinig. Parang feeling ko kasi noon "me and him against the world." but Wala po akong pinagsisisihan. Kasi marami po ako natutunan. Kahit ang hirap.

Some solid advice in here! You’re just a year or two older than I am I think! It is definitely challenging being parents but the best thing is to have a solid foundation between the husband and wife. My wife and I try to give each other some alone time at least every day. That’s important for sanity for sure. The only tough part for us is we have no help from our families to watch our son so we can have a date night or afternoon. Thankfully we’ve been able to just enjoy ourselves together since we only have 1 kid (hopefully not anymore either! lol) it’s manageable for us.

We just definitely plan to help our son far more than we’ve received because of the struggles we’ve been through and continue to go through with family problems.

Thanks so much for sharing these thoughts! Lots of truth here!

You're very welcome. I'm just sharing what we have experienced to help others. It's good that you do appreciate the share.