Missing the old days along the sea

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The new generation these days have a different way of having fun. Technology is indeed so amazing. We can make ourselves enjoy just by staying at home. However, I'm not contented with that kind of enjoyment. I prefer going outside and to see many people having fun. Seeing myself with other people also will give me so much fun. I don't know if we just have different opinions about this. But that's mine and perhaps yours is not.


I'm just comparing how it was back then. I remember a lot of people staying at the shore waiting for the fishermen to arrive. Those times might be just an abundance of fish. I saw adults having sweet conversations while sitting at the shore. The children were playing at the shore and sometimes swimming while waiting. The faces of people back then were so graceful. It felt so nice surrounded by that kind of environment. There's no hate but just love for each other. Helping one another while sharing a smile.

I miss the old days every time I will spend time at the shore. Watching the great view from the sky and sea. When the sea is so peaceful I couldn't help myself to think back yesterday. The memories I had are still vivid. It let me wish that I hope those times will be back. I don't care if not every day but just once in a while. But I doubt it because people these days completely forgot the old lifestyle. The technology will be to blame this. People abandoned those types of happiness.

We should move forward and accept that we are in the new era of generation. The generation where not human-to-human could make someone happy. There will always be a material thing that could be. It's not that bad but it's not that good either. When the time comes we will regret how it's so wonderful to do things with everyone. Like hanging out, spending a great time and just having some nonsense talk. But it depends on a person how he considers his happiness anyway.


Maybe it's just me who wanted it to be that way before. I just wanted to feel that nostalgic feeling. To see that amazing view with the people. Perhaps they love a different way so let's respect it and let it. But I'm sure of it, staying with everyone makes me happy once in a while. Nature will help you to provide a happy feeling as well.

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