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I've been here in hive for just 18 days and Cebu Hive is really awesome, especially this beautiful hiver who just celebrated her 4th year BLOGHIVERSARY.


Gilaine of @purepinay invited us over yesterday for a Zumba Party! It was an unplanned event that turned out really great. I get to meet my fellow Cebu Hivers again and get to ask questions relative to the platform. And oh, I get to bring my daughter as well that was so happy because she gets to enjoy the holiday with her momma and met a new friend which is Gilaine's adorable son. Along with me is my niece @kcwonders together with my sisters too @jongcl and @eeventuree that will soon be introducing herself as a new member of Cebu hive.

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Because it's a Zumba Party, we started the event dancing our hearts out. Just like Gilaine, I also love dancing. It was a perfect way to sweat it out but at the same time you get to enjoy doing it.




--meet the hive sisters @eeventuree @sassycebuana @jongcl ---

Just after we sweat it all out, the next activity is eating! Yes! Gilaine prepared a feast for breakfast. And shout out to @hiraya and @itsmiessyonpeakd for helping Gilaine on distributing the food, coffee, tea and a lot more. 😊

Shoutout to @thegaillery and @ybanezkim26 as well for teaching us more about how to withdraw the earnings step by step along with @intoy.bugoy who's also listening to them while we're eating our Suman (sticky rice). I think Gail has a photo of our Suman session 🤣.


And then we had our photo op with my cute daughter in the center.

Right after our eating session we headed to the pool to freshen up and had a small chitchat about hive.



received_553005142722851 (1).jpg

received_2826720027591363 (1).jpg

received_243234487425187 (1).jpg

Look at @ybanezkim26 working while enjoying the view. Gilaine made him swim though. 🤣

And then after a few hours Gilaine ordered something for lunch again! Haha, it was more of a feast day than zumba day and thank you again Gilaine for being so generous. God bless your beautiful soul. 🤗

Also thank you for the Korean food @hiraya (I just really love Korean food) 🤗 .

I'm already Looking forward to see you guys again on the next event.

Thank you for being a supportive community! And Happy Hiving!


Photo credits: (Most of the photos were grabbed at @purepinay 's website and pool photos sent by @intoy.bugoy )

And here's an ootd for the gram.



Sassy Cebuana

Sassy Cebuana blogs about her personal style, lifestyle, travels, and shares about her experience being a single mom and everything in between. She wanted to inspire others by documenting it here at this little corner in hive.

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Originally posted on Sassy Cebuana. Hive blog powered by ENGRAVE.

Originally posted on Sassy Cebuana. Hive blog powered by ENGRAVE.


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It was nice meeting you again and the rest of the Sugbo hivers. Super busog! To more kaon get together 😂 (With Gillaine! Expect more kaon tapok always!) 😁 Kyut kaayo imong daugther. Nice to see your other sister and your niece too! 🧡🧡🧡

Hehe thank you. It was nice seeing you guys again. Mao na, guba Jud ang diet 🤣😁 cheat day nlng 😂

Sagdi lang talagsa raman! Haha. 😂😁😅

Hahaha 😂😂 Mao pud. Sunod napud☺

YAYYYYYYYY!!! 😍😍😍Na lingaw kayko sa Zumba and swimming (miski dili kabalo lol) sa pool 😅😍 and of course super duper busog YIEEEE THANK YOU SO MUCH SA INVITE Miss Gillaine, to more Hive activities puhon puhon <3

Yaass makalingaw jd ☺ I'm so glad to be part of the community jd. I didn't even know Gilaine or someone from hive. it was God's plan jud that lead me to this beautiful community. A random photo card that was given by my colleague have started this hive blogging journey. 🤗

Mao nay meaning te nga mao najud ni ang perfect timing kay nawala ang lablayp unya ang gi hatag kay community+money+passion nimo SANA ALL hihi 😅😁

Hahaha way ta kahibaw through this I might find my new love life 🤣 char!

It was so much fun with all of you guys? Thanks a lot for coming? 😘❤️

Haha @ybanezkim26 thought he could have an excuse not to swim coz he didn't have his swimming wear. Oh well, free wardrobe here! Haha

Am glad @@@eeventuree is now here! Yay!

To more Hive fun!

I really thought I can escape the swimming part! 😂 You really have everything!

Hahaha ! You have no excuse with Gilaine 🤣

Aha! Hahaha