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"Wu Wei"

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Wu Wei is an Eastern Philosophy from DAOISM, mostly in China meaning 'Doing nothing' or 'non-doing'. To the readers, I know this might sound negative or promotes laziness and mediocrity, but let me go on further and explain it how it was explained, my own interpretation and application to self.


Here's what I know

According to the DAO Philosophical Text, this may be considered as the most noble action of an individual.

DAO, means 'the way'. In this sense I would say this mostly talking about One's own way of life.

And from the Old scripture,

"The way never acts and yet, nothing is left undone." -DAO DEI JING

In this sense, it breaks the paradox that Wu Wei encourages one to be 'Lazy' or 'Doing nothing' but rather an 'Action-less' action or Effortless action, an act where in an individual doesn't have to be stressing out or burn himself out just to finish a task at hand.

How Can An Individual Achieve The Effortless Action?

It is true, It may seem that 'things are easier said than done'.

And so we all must understand that, Few steps must be done before we can achieve an 'effortless action'.


From My Standpoint

First, Whatever a person wants to achieve in his life, let's say if its for work, is for hobby or is it for lifestyle. A person initially must be inlove with what he or she does. One must give his feelings for what he does so that 'the works' would be just a 'play' to them.

Second, Now, that One knows what his interest is, he's now doing what he loves. I believe in order for this to work more, A person should make a plan or a like a MAP to track not just his progress but also determine his actions if it's a right fit to his goal, making it as his own standards.

Third, And now One already doing what he loves, and everything is all planned out, at this phase, One must know, what he or she create out of love and do, even if it's well planned. One must understand that this is not an absolute success and it is still bound to fail just like any other thing in the world. Everything can switch from a good side to a bad side. Basically the third phase is more of the "Acceptance and Understanding". Of what? of Everything. That if succeed, that's good, that is nice.. but for that moment.. One must understand the natural order of things that at any point things can switch to the negative side of things.

Fourth, This phase is the Practical Phase, This is 'The Works', Applying the things that you have learn about the subject, where in, you can personally say to your self that even if you have failed, that you did what was must, and you continue what you're doing.


If we get to learn that life is in a dual state and in the middle of it all we will find ourselves in the center, and so if we can accept things as they are, if we understand that everything in the world tilts to this side and later tilts on the other side, if we can accept and pop and burst that 'Perfectionist' bubble within us, by then I believe we can achieve WU WEI or AMOR FATI. By accepting what was fated to us at that current moment.

Yes, we may get hurt, we may feel down, I believe each individual, can always rise up and come back from whatever shitty hole he fell into. In one way or another 'Pain' is a way we develop to be better or not, it's all up to us.

It is what, it is. What happens in the past, happens, and the only thing we can change and adjust to is always the NOW. how you can perceive it, how you can handle it well.

Like there's an old saying I used to hear as I was growing up in school I was being told to and it says:


You Win or You Lose

Later on during some of the Sales training at work and some of the books I have read, that saying was change to:

You Win or You Learn


And relating what I wrote above about Wu Wei. Failure, Losing is as inevitable as to winning and succeeding, it is very much okay.

And if an Individual fails or reached a negative outcome, one thing I can say is that, anyone can learn to assess themselves, by asking themselves the questions like:

  • What went wrong?
  • Where did I fail?
  • What's my next step moving forward from this?
  • What's are the factors that affected my work?
  • What are the positive action that affected the success of the work?

With this in mind, I hope I were able to give hope, I were able to inspire or helped you find a solution with whatever you are going thru right now. I do this because I know 'It takes One to know One'.

I have been in the highest of the high and lowest of the low of my Life. Sharing things like these is my fair share of help. So we can all progress in life in our own ways. Til then.



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When I love what I am doing, I feel like I am just playing around, haha. For example, I will never get tired of making art because that's my stress reliever and outlet for my creativity.

@jijisaurart Life is hard as it is, and some times we get lost in transition of this world and we tend to lose our sanity. Glad to hear you have found what helps you to be creative and calm your soul! Keep being inspired. #Grumpea !LUV 😉❤️

The Dao De Jing or Tao Te Ching is one of my favorite spiritual texts of all time. Wu Wei, the art of non-doing, is something that has many layers of meaning and interpretation. I !LUV how you connected it to amor fati. For me, wu wei is more on the side of "you have the power to do something while not directly doing an action nominally related to that action" kinda. The first example I thought of was Mr. Miyagi teaching Daniel about Karate while doing wax on wax off or painting the fence. He's doing repetitive action not really related to Karate, but makes him a better karateka. On a deeper level, Mr. Miyagi was teaching him about life and the balance of the universe, and so on. I think you did well to connect this with practical things in life, such as accepting the things that happen to us for what they are. Destiny has a habit of not informing us of the things that lie ahead in front of us. This is getting too long already so I will end here. LOL. Good read, @sensiblecast. Your write-up made me realize something. Thanks.

@juanvegetarian Dang I didn't realize it that until you mentioned it. You are right! That's another way to put it. 💯 Thanks for that! And I'm glad this post touched you and I'm hopeful helps you in your own way. Pleasure is always all mine! 🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️✨ Cheers! 🍺

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