A Family That Goes To The Restaurant

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Last week, we had a family lunch together because we of our boredom, we went to this mini resto that is located in our town. It's one of the most delicious food that is in our town and we picked this place because it is small and there are lots of people that will go to this place at lunch. I think we went here almost 2 in the afternoon and at this time we were the only people that ate at that time.

We were riding a motorcycle to get to this place because it's really and even if it's near our place, we can't imagine walking to get here together with my family. After a couple of minutes, we got in this mini restaurant and we walked to go inside.

Even if the place is small but their food are one of the best and it's also affordable. Not only that, you can request a free hot egg soup while eating at their place and if you take the food out, there were no free soup. It is only available for dine in customers.

When we are at the counter, they display their viands inside the glass. They have a lots of viands that are available at lunch but this time, only a few of them remains. We have no choice but to pick inside the glass. They have lumpia, bola-bola, fried pork, and fried chicken.

I choose the food that we will eat for my family and I ordered 2 pieces of rice, one fried pork, and one fried chicken. We only ordered a few because we can't finished all of them If I ordered lots of them , I am half full at that time because I ate snacks when we were at home and only my wife is starving. For our little daughter, she saw a spinning chair and she sat on that spinning chair then turned herself from that chair.

It's awesome to eat our lunch together with my family and while eating my food which is fried pork, my wife served me the soup in a small small. The crew in the restaurants gave us a stainless steel thermos with a hot egg soup inside.

I thank her for pouring my small bowl of that soup and when I tasted this soup, it was really good. It tastes like a soup with a meat with lots of seasonings but I think they only put the eggs as their meat on this soup.

We were enjoying eating our food while our daughter is spinning on the spinning chair and she will asks my wife to spin the chair for her because she enjoyed spinning that chair and guess what? After we were finished eating and time to go home, my wife get her to this spinning chair and put it on the floor and after she put her on the floor, she suddenly grab and is holding tightly the table in front of her and we laugh at her because we knew that she is stunned from that chair.

We had a great day with my family and one of the best thing is that we were together eating and we we also talked about the happenings to our surroundings and with our life. It makes my heart flutter seeing my little family had one of their best day at that time and making their day one of the best day in this month. I also like to continue having this kind of situation where we enjoyed the time that we had here.

This week, I am planning to bring my little family to the city because it's been a long time that we went to the city because of our busy and tight schedule. I will bring them to one of the famous fast food chain which is Jollibee.

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The family that eats together, stays together.

Time with family is never wasted. 🤩 !PGM

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