Milkshake: An Old Dessert That Is Still In Our Town

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When I was a student, there are lots of food that I really like some were mangoes with shrimp paste, banana cue, milk shake, and etc. Today, when I walk beside the playground, I saw a familiar food that was selling and it's one of the best card food that I've had way back when I was still a high school student.

This is a milkshake and something similar to a halo halo and it differs on the ingredients on what they put into it. So, when I was still a student, if I have some extra money, I would buy this milk shake because it's refreshing and it is also cold. The price for each cup with some ingredients at that time was 5php ($0.10) and for the cup with not ingredients and only the crushed ice with sugar and milk was only 3php ($0.052) but today it costs 10php per cup for the small one and 20php per cup for the bigger one.

After I walk beside the playground, I saw this familiar cart which was also the cart way back in the years and this time, it was only the man that was selling a milk shake and before they were selling in a family. After I ordered one piece of a small milkshake, I started to ask the man about this milkshake if he was the one who was selling before when I was a student that usually buys at his milkshake and with no hesitation, he responded in a happy tone that he was the one selling the milkshake and it makes him happy.

The man handed me the ice milkshake and I suddenly asks about the food coloring of this milkshake because it looks cool if there is something color in the milkshake just like when I was a student, I always ask for the food coloring. He suddenly said that whenever a customer asks about the food coloring means that the buyer was a buyer before when he started his milkshake.

I asks about why was he selling in the playground because before, they were selling outside our school and other schools but now he is selling it outside the playground and he says that the students don't usually like this ice milkshake because there are now new foods that are more delicious to them but for me, it was way more delicious than the other food and it tastes like a halo-halo and is more cheaper than the halo-halo.

Then we bid goodbyes after I bought a milkshake from him, I took a scoop of it and taste it and it was the same flavor as it was when I was in my high school days the only thing that differs is their prices because of the inflation that we had, the prices for this is much more expensive than the usual price before.

I think it was more than 10 years that I didn't taste this one and today I tasted it again. One thing I could remember after eating this milkshake is when I bought this on my school days and it was fun shaking them up until it is mixed all the ingredients from the cup.

For the ingredients that they put in the milkshake, they have grilled peanuts, small red pearls (Before it was big red pearls), a slice of bananas, sometimes they put fresh coconut flesh and jackfruit with crushed ice mixed with sugar and evaporated milk. Then, there is something red on top of the milkshake and that is only coloring and it's only a decoration to look the milkshake in another kind of color which is red.

I will never forget this milkshake because this is part of my childhood and it was one of the best snack or dessert a few years back and I think this is only available in our place that's why it is really unique food in our town. I would never hesitate to buy again if ever I will encounter him again because he travels places to places in our town to sell his milkshake.

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Yung snowball noon na nakabike si kuya tapos mano mano niya gagawin.

Hindi ko padin afford yan noong bata ako para lang sa ice crushed something worth 5 pesos. Doon tayo sa masherep~ boy bawang, karaoke, or yung Kiss na chichirya. XD

Nagmamahal na talaga mga ganyan na mga snacks.. 10 pesos na ngayon. Hays ako na lang talaga di mahal. 🥲

Meron din 3 pesos pero puro ice crushed mixed with sugar and evap nga lang. Afford padin, minsan yung tig 3 binibili ko noon. Tapos yung SMAKEE talaga ung may free toys inside haha

Ano yung smakee? 😭

Literal na milk shake.😁

 2 months ago  

Never had this! Akala ko iskrambol sya pero this one's quite intricate daming sahod depende sa trip.

Gusto ko yung pa may pa secret menu si kuya for the OG's hahah ayos din.

Yun din nasa isip ko noon pero iba yung taste and texture from scramble and this milk shake. Namiss ko rin yung Ice Scramble, parang nawala na ata yung ice scramble ngayon.


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