WATP - Eliza receiving her HBD10.650 Reward.

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Hi All,

Yesterday was Eliza's (WATP #5) reward. I made my way back to Badian and filmed the journey and her reaction when I handed over the money to her.

I'm very sorry, I still haven't invested in a gimbal. Again, sorry for the motion sickness ;-)

Don't forget to contribute to Kris' reward by upvoting her feature here: https://peakd.com/hive-188409/@whoaretheyph/watp-6-meet-kristhe-street-food-seller-eliza-s-hbd-reward

Thank you all and see you next week!

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Wow! Lovely place. And here I haven't been to Cebu 🤣😂 perhaps some time in the future... #wishfulthinking

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There are definitely a lot of nice places to visit on Cebu. One day maybe :)