WATP #5 - Meet Eliza The Plant Seller + Virgilia's HBD Reward

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Hi #Hive,

A few days ago, in the Hive Introduction Post I mentioned that this account would be taking over the #WhoAreTheyPhilippines initiative from @iamyohann. I was planning to post one more under my personal account to do a proper handover and add @whoaretheyph as a full beneficiary, but I changed my mind. I believe there is no need for that.

So today, I present to you the 5th edition of #WhoAreTheyPhilippines (WATP) and the featured person is Eliza who sells plants on the side of the road.

Who is Eliza?

After randomly selecting the last 3 features from Ronda, South Cebu, I thought it was time to try a different location. This time I rode my scooter to Badian.

As I was slowly driving along the back roads of Badian, I saw a small hut with plenty of potted plants lined up in front of it. I stopped and asked the person standing there if those were for sale, to which I received a "yes". This is how I met Eliza.

I told her in a broken tagalog (official language from the Philippines), that I would love to interview her and take some pictures. I explained the reason why as well as the #WhoAreTheyPhilippines concept and she agreed.

Eliza is a 52 year old woman who was born and raised in Barangay Dobdob in Badian. She is married and has 2 kids aged 17 and 22.

She started her plant business a year ago after struggling with her previous endeavor. She used to do laundry for some of the people of Badian. She now grows plants and when they are mature enough she sells them along with the concrete pots she makes.

Her business was doing ok before the Covid19 pandemic. Since then she's been struggling due to the lack of customers. This is why she's also working as a part time cleaner at one of the schools in Badian.

Here are some of the pots she makes and sells:

Her dream at the moment is to be able to grow her business to get a steady income. She confided that life hasn't been easy for her and her husband for a long time. The main reason being their eldest son who is a person with disability (PWD) and who requires medicine on a regular basis. She said that his disease is affecting his nervous system. I didn't want to pry and ask for me information.

This doesn't stop her from smiling and from enjoying life. She's happy when she works. Growing plants is what she enjoys doing and it's the reason why she made it her business.

Just like the majority of the Filipinos, she also gets her happiness by eating good food, mostly Filipino dishes with fish and vegetables.

This is it for Eliza's story. If you would like to contribute to her reward, 100% upvote this post and share it with your followers by reblogging it.

Thank you all again for your support and see you next week for another feature as well as Eliza's reward.

Time for Virgilia's HBD Reward

Virgilia was the feature of WATP #4

Today is the 7th day since the post and the author reward came in.

So here is the breakdown for her reward:

   HBD 1.556 from post payout
+ HBD 3.010 from @ybanezkim26
+ HBD 2.000 from @kayceeports2020
+ HBD 2.000 from @discoveringarni
+ HBD 1.311 from @kneelyrac
+ HBD 1.000 from @romeskie
+ HBD 1.000 from @iamyohann
+ HBD 0.263 (HIVE 0.990) from @mrnightmare89

= HBD 12.140

This amount converted into the local currency is PHP 613.07 so let's round it up to PHP 620 to make it easier.

Here is the picture of Virgilia receiving her reward. She was very thankful.

Thank you all who participated to her reward and especially the above mentioned persons for their contributions.

What is #WhoAreTheyPhilippines?

#WhoAreTheyPhilippines is a weekly project where I randomly select a person in the area where I live or work. I interview that person, take a few pictures and then post about him/her on the Hive PH Community. After 7 days, when the author reward can be claimed, I convert the whole HBD amount to the local currency (PHP) and hand it over to him/her along with some contributions from some of you.

I am very thankful to all of you for your support, upvotes and contributions. I am glad this initiative is well received.

Check out the previous editions here:

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Status on the contributions:

ContributorTotal ContributionUsed ContributionRemaining Contribution
HBD 22.010
HBD 6.010
HBD 16.000
HBD 8.950
HBD 8.950
HBD 0.000
HBD 8.000
HBD 3.000
HBD 5.000
HBD 5.000
HBD 5.000
HBD 0.000
HBD 2.000
HBD 2.000
HBD 0.000
HBD 1.311
HBD 1.311
HBD 0.000
HIVE 0.990
HIVE 0.990
HIVE 0.000

Please make it 3 HBD for Ate Eliza. Also please say Hi from me when you meet again next week. Thank you for this!

I will do, thank you.

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Thank you very much for the support and thank you for Eliza 🙂

Galing naman

Maraming salamat 🙂

Welcome 😊

How can I contribute to this?

You can contribute to Eliza's reward with your upvote to this post, which you have done already :-).

If you want to contribute more, you can send some HBD to this account and I will add it to her reward next Thursday/Friday.

Some hivers preferred giving a lump sum which is used as pool. From this lump sum, I usually give HBD 1 per contributor to the featured person every week. I can also give more if the contributor asks me to.

Thank you for your contribution to Eliza's reward.

Oh alright, so only HBD accepted? what about Hive, can I do it too?

Hive is also accepted, I convert it to HBD using coingecko rates when I receive it and add then add it to the reward at the post payout time.

ah okay, next time I'll do Hive 🙂

I have received HBD 1.00 from you which I will add to Eliza's reward. Thank you very much for her.