WATP - Announcement & Claudia and Rosalina receiving their HBD42.439 Reward

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Hello #Hive,

Originally, the idea was to post the rewards video as well as the WATP statistics at a 100% Hive power payout to grow this account and start helping other authors with an upvote, even if it is a low value one.

Thanks to @viking-ventures and @iamraincrystal for their hive power delegation, this account has already started upvoting posts by following @hiveph curation trail as well as upvoting posts from all the people who have contributed HBD 5.00 or more to this initiative.

A few days ago, @ybanezkim26 contacted me and suggested that it would be great if we could have a minimum payout for the features. The last few #WhoAreTheyPhilippines posts have received a lot of upvotes as well as contributions, so the rewards have been generous. But what happens when a future feature doesn't get an upvote from a whale Hiver, which usually makes the difference, or there aren't many contributions? After thinking about it for a day, I agreed with Kim and decided that the video and statistic posts will both have a 50%-50% payout and the HBD value will kept in the wallet for this case scenario. We agreed that in case a reward is less than PHP500 (local currency), the HBDs in the wallet will be used to make the difference. So starting this week with Trinidad, every person featured on #WATP will receive a minimum of PHP500.

Also, 2 days, ago, @viking-ventures, through a comment, made me realize that I should be clearer about what the amount received means to the people. His words:

One thing that would be really helpful in the write-ups is to tell us how much money that is to them... i.e. compared to a weekly/monthly wage...

This was my answer, related to Claudia & Rosalina's reward:

Considering that salaries can go from php250 to php350 per day for non skilled workers in the province area where we are, this would be a good 3 days worth for them. That is when they are able to find work, which at the moment, because of Covid19, is very rare.

From now on, I will try, as long as it is not awkward or taboo with them, to ask more about what the amount means to them and relay this information in the reward post.

Now, about Claudia & Rosalina's reward

First I'd like to thank @scubahead for lending me his camera as mine has definitely given up on me. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, it played a few tricks on me while I was presenting the reward and contributors' list to both ladies and I didn't realize it wasn't recording until a bit later. So we are missing that part.

I have to be honest with you all, I was looking forward to their reaction receiving PHP965 each because I know it is a good amount and great help for them, but I was a bit disappointed as they didn't show much emotion. I was actually wondering if it made them happy. They did however say thank you. Maybe I was expecting too much after Kris' reaction last week.

It was however a very successful feature with a high post payout and a lot of contributions from you all. So a big thank you to everyone who participated in it.

Next will be Trinidad. @discoveringarni will be going to see her on Saturday morning to give her the reward and film it. Until then, if you haven't done so already, please upvote her feature.

See you next week.

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It's understandable how some folks could be more shy at showing their emotions. What's important is, you have reached out to them. I'm sure it will somehow help with expenses 😉👍🏼 keep up the great work! Thank you for all that you do 😊😊

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I guess you're right. They were both a bit shy. But for sure this money will help them. Rosalina said she needed fertilizer for her crop and that she was going to use some of the money to buy some.
Thank you for the support once again.

This project is growing and I'm glad to see the developments and how you come up with contingencies. Looking forward to your next features.

They might be shy and somehow tried to hide their feelings when you handed them the money. And besides, Kris seemed to be a really perky young girl. Lol. Even with the awkward reactions from Claudia and Rosalina, this video still put a smile in my heart.

More power to you and to everyone helping @whoartheyph!

Thank you for the kind words and support 🙂