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RE: Creating a blog banner from start to finish : My process

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This is very cool! Hands! I have nightmares about drawing hands. You did a good job here with the hands. I remember few years back I tried to draw nothing but hands for a week....I'll never do that again. Reference, crisp lines, perspective, try my best is what I do now if I have to draw a hand. haha, This is great work my friend, and thank you for showing \ explaining the process I enjoy your work a lot. The style and coloring is awesome. Don't forget to join our new discord server and feel free to tell all your friends as well! 😀 Much thanks! Looking forward to talking more. Keep up the great work!!


I wouldn't say that is a "handy" nightmare to have but might point to some issues... lol jk
thanks for the support @gre3n !❤️

You got it! Lol 😂😁👍🔥💯