Creative Day : Memes and things for you to share! : Vol. 20

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Hello People of D.Buzz,

The doors of the starship slide open and out stepped three alien looking memes... Will they be welcomed onto the strange planet, or hunted for experiments.

We may never know the answer to it but, they are here now, mixing with the native memes, lets hope they are friendly. :)

Lol, just being silly over here... however it's time again for that Wednesday segment where we produce some creativity and hope that people like it.

This week we are rolling out some imagery for D.Buzz, and Ecency, all great platforms we fully support.


Read last weeks memes : HERE

Feel free to share these if you wish, add in your own comments and thoughts, or just retweet our tweets (*they should all be linked in the descriptions below).

For D.Buzz

That Seagull of corporate media censoring you and stealing your data? Join D.Buzz, where YOU own your account not someone else.

#dbuzz #hive #blogging #Crypto #cryptocurrency #hivechat #HiveFive


For #

Some moments just need to be live-streamed! For them, use Vimm.TV! Building up communities, not tearing them down!

@Vimm_TV #dbuzz #hive #hivefive #gaming #livestream #hivechat



Need to find a community to fit in?
Well watermelon kid we got you! an uncensored, free, limitless, rewarding platform for content creators built on HIVE.

@ecency_official #dbuzz #hive #btc #eth #Crypto #cryptocurrency #Blockchain


Thanks for spending time with us on Wednesday!
If you have a witty comment for any of the images above let us know below comments.

Over and out.

- D.Buzz


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