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After a whole day of work, we need a nice place to rest our body-mind. The guest's sleeping room in our Indian house

Hello, all friends greetings. today let us talk about sleep this post is a contribution to the lovely community #unitytowardfreedom by my dear friend @anttn. The topic is sleep,

This photo was taken by me in 2019 when we were visiting family. my niece peacefully asleep reminds me of my own childhood.

I am always giving importance to sleep.
“Happiness and unhappiness, nourishment (good physique) and emaciation, strength and debility, sexual prowess and impotence, knowledge, and ignorance, life, and death—all are dependent on sleep.” according to the Ayurveda text Ashtanga Hrudayam.

Ayurveda teaches us that sleep (nidra) is one of the three pillars of health, along with diet and energy management.
Sleep is a natural biorhythm, maintaining balance, and reducing mental, physical, and emotional stress. when reading some posts here on this topic I understand why some people have a very stressful life.
When we were children the school inspector always asked one question: What are our needs for survival?
the expected answers were Air, Water, Food, and Shelter, but to the consternation of my teacher, I added Sleep. I give importance to sleep because I think sleep makes us mentally alert, physically strong, and emotionally balanced.
Everybody needs quality sleep for restoring energy and detoxifying the body, The best quality sleep requires darkness for the body and mind to rest, reset, detoxify, heal and rejuvenate. When we’re exposed to light, our body produces the hormone cortisol, which signals the brain to be alert, active, and productive. But as the sun sets, the body produces the hormone melatonin, which signals the brain to wind down and go to sleep. By using artificial lights, we reduce melatonin secretion, whether intentionally or not. In addition, tobacco and alcohol, TV, computers and caffeine, and energy drinks all compound the matter but the recent excessive use of smartphones is perhaps the greatest disturbance to natural body rhythms. Disturbing our body's system leads to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, allergy, anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc.

In my practice circa 50% of clients are depressed and suffering from insomnia, young people even more so. it is very sad.

When I saw this worker lady on siesta, I was thinking how lucky she is no mattress no pillow, no comfortable room just relaxing in her deep sleep on the sand with her clothes as a bedsheet and pillow.

each person is unique and their sleep varies accordingly. there are a number of influencing factors such as lifestyle, digestion, geographic location, culture and seasonal changes.

Growing up in the 1970s in a small village in India, there was no electricity, no radio or TV, and no telephone. Back then, lack of good sleep was almost never a problem. I believe my sleep helped keep my mind sharp, and maintain my physical, mental, and emotional balance.

Our school studies were normally done when there was daylight, seldom by kerosene lamplight in night. Regular bedtime was around 9/ 930. We rose early for yoga, meditation and remaining school work, if any. this routine kept us very alert and healthy. In the 1980s we installed electricity in our house. high school education required more studies. During this same time, I lost my mother, that period in my life was very tough, and it disturbed my sleep. Then higher education required traveling to another town, and involved more studies
that had to be done at night.

My sleeping irregularities started during my medical education. During my internship, I was assigned night watches in hospitals, staying awake through whole night. That is when some stress-related problems started.
But when choosing that profession we were aware of what it involved so I was somewhat prepared for it. I never tried smoking or drinking coffee or alcohol and there were no mobile phones or computers. Working in the cardiology and accident emergency center I didn't think about myself- the patients were the first priority. Being young and strong, losing sleep was not a huge problem but still, tiredness and stress bothered me. My duty in the ICU or casualty at night was keeping an eye on the patients who at any time could die. That was far more stressful than issues related to my lost sleep. Practicing yoga and meditation helped me a lot and with the help of traditional natural ayurvedic remedies, I didn't suffer any serious problems.

When I moved here to the northern part of the world my whole biorhythm was disturbed. I was not prepared for the winter with long nights and the summer with long days, the variable climate, as well as the regular use of mobile phones and computers, and now this Hive world. but still I am a good sleeper.

I advise my patients to get good quality sleep by adopting a balanced diet and regular routines for good health.👇

  1. Try to go to bed earlier if possible.
  2. Unplug all electronics at least 1 hour before retiring or
    Read a book or listen to some calming music or
    Do some breathing exercises-pranayama or a short session of Yog Nidra.
  3. Never keep your mobile phone by your bedside. Spend some time before
    bed or even a whole evening without electricity- electricity fasting.
  4. Body and /or head massage with coconut oil or foot massage with mustard
    or other suitable relaxing aroma therapy oils.
  5. Drink warm milk with spices like cardamom, saffron, cinnamon, nutmeg, and poppy seeds. Eat some fruits like bananas, mangoes, or black grapes.

this Shirodhara treatment also helps a lot for somebody suffering from insomnia.

These are what I suggest to my clients. there is a lot of helpful information on how to improve sleep on the internet. Just don't sit up all night reading about it

In the end, I will like to sleep as a baby.

Thank you🙏


I don't remember the last time I slept through the whole night. I can get to sleep no problem but when I wake to go to the bathroom, I can't stop thinking about everything. My thoughts don't shut down for a while. I have tried herbs and melatonin which sometimes work for a day or two. Mostly it's the chatter in my head and thoughts of everything and anything.

I love hearing of how your childhood was. I think that would be a good thing to experience in life even though many people couldn't handle it.

I grew up in this awful climate but when I visit tropical places I usually sleep better. Your guest living room looks beautiful and inviting.

Now I feel like going back to bed haha.

Thanks for sharing this my friend.😊❤️

Dear friend @carolynstahl Thank you for your kind words. Most of the people having this problem start very good sleep but if the sleep interrupts during the night they don't fall asleep again for that the yog-nidra exercise is very good. many versions available on the internet. We said that late-night our body has an influence of more Vata (wind) and that commands to mind and makes chatter and unusual thoughts, during that time if once sleep disturb. You are welcome to visit India when we will be there. Have a nice weekend a hug 💓😊

I will check the yog-nidra. I've never heard of it. I thank you so much for the invitation to India. I would love this so much. However the possibility is slim with what has happened in the world and continues. I won't give up on the idea of leaving Canada someday.

Hugs to you my friend.😊❤️

Hope times will change and everybody will be happy Be positive 😊😊

i have a suggestion for you Carolyn. When you return to bed from the bathroom, play a yoga nidra meditation track. You may well fall asleep easily in that way. You'll find many online, best to download so you can play with your device on airplane mode. Insight Timer is a very goid app with thousands if free meditations (although you have to subscribe to download).

Sat Nam


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I really appreciate this message from you. I am going to look into it. I don't have a device suitable for apps. I am not super into the world devices except for this lap top haha.

I am looking forward to learning about yoga nidra. Thank you so very much.🙏

Awesome thank you so much. I feel more relaxed from just receiving this.

 2 months ago  

Thank you for your article @hindavi, I was looking forward to reading it and I was not disappointed ! As always I loved the way you talk about things you know and have experienced, like those nights in hospital ! It was rough, but as you say, I think yoga and meditation really helped you stay healthy!

Thanks for all the advice you share here, I didn't know about Yoga-Nidra, I'm going to go and do my research, also about the Shirodhara treatment !

I hope you'll forgive my slowness in reading your article and responding to it. I hope you are well, greetings to you and your husband ☀️

Hi, dear anttn, These days are really busy for me as soon people knew I am going on vacation everybody rushing to get an appointment, plus previously planned cooking courses. many things to organize. my tax returns papers to get ready, but my husband taking care I am not thinking any negative about you I understand how hard it is if my English is good I will be very glad to help you. but you know I always ask my husband to find out Grammatik's mistakes in my writing. so sorry for that. we are ok. today my husband went to Oslo to see his grandchildren I had a very heavy day today just going to bed now. Nest 15 days are very busy with work and all preparation for travel. Take care dear. still, I am not getting any notification about your posts or even my husband's posts. I am sorry if I didn't respond to your posts. greetings😊😊

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hello dear @hindavi, yes, I imagine the preparations plus the appointments and everything else must be pretty intense ! That's strange for the notifications, did you check in the settings ? Are you using ecency or peakd ?

I'm glad to hear from news and I hope everything will align easily 🍀 Take good care as always 😘

Hi, Anttn I used both ecency and peakd. since I had a problem for uploads photos. streng my husband gets immediate notice if I post something but not me I will check once again my settings and find out. How is your house hunting? Did you find your dream house? hope it will happen soon. you also take care of yourself. Thanks for keeping in touch. greetings 💓😊

 2 months ago  

That's kind of weird about the notifications...

It's going nicely, we maybe found one, and we did an offer... now we're waiting 😇 ! But I'm rather confident :) Thanks you for your kind wishes, you're most welcome ! Hugs to you two, have a sweet evening 🌟 💚

Great post Hindavi. i very pleased to see that a doctor is sharing about natural cures here. If you look at my feed you'll see that i write quite a bit about what i sometimes call the Medical Mafia.

Keep up the good work, and keep learning so what you teach your patients is helpful instead of harmful.

Peace and love to you.

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Thank you Very much for your nice and kind words. I practicing Ayurveda now. so I am glad to share my knowledge with those who are very interested but people think it is nonsense and unbelievable. But I do my work some people like it I am glad about that. Take care. greetings and have a nice Sunday🙏😊

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