Sleep - An Ultimate & Entitled Luxury For Humans

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I'm going to make this read as practical as I can because it's about sleep, one of the things that we all as human have in common... One thing we can't do without.

An ultimate & entitled luxury? No, I learnt it's an entitled necessity... We must play dead in some hours of our daily 24hours to be able to live as humans on this earth. I hear that we wouldn't know nights in heaven so there will be no sleeping or waking up (I can't wait to go up there to do just that lol).

Okay, like you might have already guessed from my last statement... I'm not the sleeping type, how do I mean?

A practical situation to explain myself better

After I saw this challenge topic, I decided to get myself to bead earlier than usual (and I mean, very unusual for me) I would normally sleep 2 hours to the time I'm supposed to wake up but last night, I slept about 9 hours to the time I'll wake up 😂 it's still funny how I was able to invoke the sleep to visit me so early.

That's not the real issue here... I think I have a sleep problem, help me!!!

I didn't set my alarm this time simply because I didn't want anything to wake me up (I can be sensitive to sounds sometimes) so I slept off rather too quickly, I'm guessing the stress from yesterday was overwhelming for me (I hardly walk for long but I did yesterday lol) so yeah, I got into the death play game and too bad, I couldn't visit a dreamland before I got a call from my sister asking for something.

The call came in about four hours to when I'm supposed to wake up, I answered her, checked the time and I found myself here writing this post 🙄 yes, I couldn't sleep again... Thanks to my sleep problem.

A day I tried to sleep during the day, it was futile

The last time I slept early to wake up late since I didn't have much going on for me the next day, I woke up extra early than I usually do to do almost nothing. It can be frustrating sometimes that we try to sleep but the body system had made a decision on your behalf with sleep that you can't sleep more than the usual hours you use. The maximum I can sleep without being distracted is officially 5 hours (it could be shorter sometimes but almost never longer) I do have a sleeping problem right? I know.

So how do I obey the law of necessary entitle? Sleep is one of the entitled necessities for humans and I'm a human, I want to believe I am.

As a human, you owe yourself good mental, physical, psychological and spiritual health... Sleep is a gift and a big boost to all this that has been bestowed on us by our Creator. So yeah, you're entitled to take this necessary entitle daily if you want to live better and long. But then, I begin to wonder...

Why are people different in their sleep patterns?

We have the ones like me who find it hard to sleep for long even when it is intentional and we have the ones who unintentionally sleep for too long and they are tagged being lazy, sometimes I wish they'll call me lazy for sleeping too much.

I can bet that my life will add a lot of years if I should sleep for more than 10 hours out of my 24hours one day 😅 it's actually one of my goals for this year (what a silly goal, right?) but this doesn't seem easy as it sounds. But then, I feel grateful when I hear of people who can't sleep no matter how hard they try to, I had a friend who had to be using drugs to fall asleep... It wasn't easy to watch her do it.

Sleep is indeed an ultimate (From God) and entitled necessity but it is still a luxury for me and some others who simply can't take advantage of the opportunities it offers. Let me end this post with a reminder for myself and you reading this... You need sleep to re-energize, re-strategize and re-live your lost energy, lost ideas and lost years in working 😅 you might want to read that again.

This is my entry to the Unity towards freedom challenge by @anttn and you're invited to participate as well.

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Sleep is one of the entitled necessities for humans and I'm a human, I want to believe I am.

Lol you want to believe you are? Is there a chance you’re not?😂😂😂

Trust me, you don’t want to sleep 10 hours a day though. That’s not healthy for you. I think adults operate efficiently on 7 hours of sleep? Yeah something like that. Sleeping significantly more than you should is just as bad (if not more) as sleeping shorter.

I want to correct my sleeping habits myself. It’s easier said than done. Lol

Lol not being able to sleep like others do make me feel like I'm not human 🥲

Hmm sleeping more than I should has its own effect too? Now, I'm confused on which to do 😂

It's always easier said than done, I hope I get to do soon

Sleep is a necessity to life. The scripture tell us how Christ was kind of giving a compelling statement to his apostles; telling them "you must come away to rest..."(Mk 6:30-34). Christ knew the I importance of rest and so he gave an injunction. Medically, sleep helps revive the brain to function well and have a retentive functional capability and the cells to be active.

Yes! I could say from experience too, I had my full sleep yesterday; twas indeed relieving✅. Am planing another cool sleep this afternoon too😳😆😁😆.💪

Weldon for bringing and writing this @merit.ahama. like I always say, I admire how you write. I think am learning from you already.

#Cheers dear!💪💪💪

I like the angle you took it from, Christ sure knew the importance of sleep.

Hehe, I wish I could sleep this afternoon too but kdrama will not let me 😅

Keep learning, you'll do great soon... Thanks

I have noticed that there are several posts where your participants show that concern and desire to want more sleep. I didn't know it was such a frequent occurrence and i understand why you would consider this goal of getting more sleep.

I hope you achieve that goal and have beautiful dreams. !LUV

Thanks so much, I really hope I achieve the goal... A trial could lead to more of it in my life lol.

It's a challenge so don't be surprised if you see many posts about sleep haha

Thanks for stopping by

That's true, you can share each technique you use and the methods that work best for you.

It has been a pleasure to read you

Yeah, thanks
Same here 🙂

Pay me loads of money. I have wonderful medicines to provoke sleep in you. You will end up sleeping for 20 hours sef.

Yeah, I can relate to this sha though I am a long-time sleeper sometimes most times, I find it insanely hard to sleep for long. It's crazy. I do hope you meet up with your "Sleep" goal for this year. It will be the start of something beautiful.

Haha you and money, don't worry... I'll follow sleep and fight then I'll win and start sleeping enough 😝

Thanks dear, the goal is still on 🥲

So because of ordinary $80 now you no wan learn. Nawaooo... Fight ooo...yeye 🙄🙄

A whole $80... I nor wan learn o

 last month  

Gosh @merit.ahama ! It does indeed sound like you have a sleeping problem as you say ! But how do you feel in the middle of the day, do you ever get tired ? After that, if you're fit like that, it might just be your normal rhythm, but even I who need at least 4/5 six hours and 6/7 to be comfortable, it seems very little !

Have you ever tried taking melatonin hormone ? I know it's the one we excrete during sleep and it's worked really well for relatives.

Thanks for your input and I hope you find the balance you are looking for..! Be well and see you soon :)

I feel tired a lot during the day and sometimes I could sleep more during the day because of that but in most cases, I stay awake till night and sleep for a few hours again 🥲

Thanks for your wishes and for stopping by, it's very much appreciated

 last month  

That would be nice to find a solution, for you to sleep more and more efficiently...

For the visit, it's the bare minimum haha ! You took some time and effort to write about, even if it's a pleasure, I have to and I'm glad about too :D

Take care of you dear @merit.ahama !

Sleep?? I can be so good to sleep and not listen to the alarm when it rings. Many times, I feel so bad not waking up the usual time I would want to wake up, especially when I decide to do something but I think one is cheating on the normal time you ought to sleep. Do we have a choice? When we are always wanting to keep crushing our goals.

Sincerely, if sleep isn't that of a necessity ehn.... Perhaps many people wouldn't be lazy to keep working hard. Am I even making sense? 😂😂😂

Sleep is important and we must take care of our health with it.

I popped in through #dreemport

Lol you are making sense o 😂
It's because of sleep that some persons are wishing we have more 24 hours 🤣

You are right. We feel those 24hrs is too small. When we sleep at night and it's sweeting us and the day dawn, we hiss and wish the night should be longer 😁

Lol wahala

If you sleep well you will be able to benefit much more from what life offers than those who sleep too little because they fear missing out on opportunities in life

There's so much truth to that, thanks for the reminder 🙂

We all have different sleeping pattern and I think we have things in common. I barely sleep for 4hours at a go, I find it hard to go back to sleep when my sleep is interrupted.

Sleep is compulsory thing for every human, we definitely do not have a choice against it and we just have to allow it.

We're same on that aspect then 🥲
Many have tried to go against sleep but then, still compulsory haha

Sleep shouldn't be in underated, it is until you can't sleep that you understand the benefit of sleeping

I totally understand that, I've seen people who struggle to sleep... It's not pleasant at all

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Reading this and I kept wondering all through what kind of sleep genes I have been induced with, lol.

I can sleep almost everywhere. It does not even take much for me to fall asleep. Or should I say naps. What’s even the difference? I can not even count the number of times I have fallen asleep in the mosque or even at a football viewing center.

As for the usual sleep we all sleep during the night, I think I have been doing that one too over. Unless I’m working, I can not stay up till 12am doing nothing.

Despite the fact that I sleep a lot, I don’t feel like it’s laziness or anything of that sort. I work a lot and I think it’s only better to have a good night sleep afterwards.

Wow I envy you then, I sometimes have to force myself to sleep but I plan to work on it somehow.

Resting after working can't be tagged laziness, enjoy it... Some persons don't have that opportunity.

Thanks for always stopping by 🙂

Lol. Thank you for sharing

I enjoyed reading 👍🏿