No worries, even if I am late for the "How do You Take Care of Your Health" challenge?

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The inscription Relax! No hurries, no worries! will be applied right at the beginning of this post, as seems that I wasn't in hurry to write this article on time. I guess it would mean I should not worry, but here is the thing - I wanted to write my contribution to the challenge that @anttn made, back in December and I didn't get time to do it. I saved a few photos in the draft and really had the intention to write it before Mister Deadline would inform me that I was late. I could blame the really busy schedule I had during December and the time I spent thinking about the road trip we planned to do at the beginning of January (and which we did), but also, the host of the challenge let me know a little secret, that the challenge would be prolonged for a few days more. Super! I felt more relaxed, I had again hopes that the post will be written!

Then the road trip came, and it was simply impossible not to enjoy all the moments and experiences we had. Writing posts was really hard to squeeze into the schedule those days. The challenge of taking care of my health was pushed aside and I accepted the reality - the post on this topic would never be written by me. Until... until today when I saw my neighbour selling in front of the entrance to his orchard tangerines, oranges and lemons. Well, a big bag of tangerines came to my home and I remembered - this is also a way how do I take care of my health - buying citrus fruits from my neighbour who doesn't treat them with chemicals!


Already for years, we buy the oranges, lemons and tangerines from him. Not just because he is a kind person and he sells the goods cheaper than in the supermarket, but because I trust him that the fruits are good and without chemical treatments. He always puts a few extra oranges in our bag, for free. The only thing is that he is coming just on weekends here to visit the orchard and harvest the fruits. Then I buy oranges to have for the whole week, until next weekend!

Of course, food is one of the important factors for our health, but also the quality of the food we buy. We had some friends who visited Spain recently and they said how expensive is the organic and bio food here. They were surprised as in Switzerland there is more offer and the prices are affordable. Maybe it is still to come to Spain, as indeed when you want to buy food grown in an ecological way, you have to reach deeper into your wallet. That's why I am very happy to have this neighbour. At least the fruits are coming in the best version.

But I am also lucky to have some students who like to treat me in a nice way. One of the students (well, her father) has a plantation of avocados. I always receive a bag or two of avocados, several pieces that can be already consumed and also the greener ones that you have to wait for some weeks to ripen.


Another student has a kumquat tree in her garden so last December she brought me a bag of this fruit. It was the first time I had the opportunity to eat kumquat. The taste was unusual. It is something between sour and sweet, as a small fruit you have to eat it entirely. With the skin. A new experience it was, and again I was happy to consume a fruit coming from someone's garden. And as a gift ;)


To accompany the food we consume (or as a separate self-treat) it is also good to choose good beverages. The best one? Fresh water! We take it from a spring in the mountains, it is worth driving up there and filling the empty bottles with good fresh water. It is of very good quality. Apart from water, I like coffee, but last year I almost completely avoided it (it was a promise I made, to test would my migraines go away). For several months I was strong and refused all the temptations. Later I allowed myself a few times some cups of coffee. I also bought a package of coffee but guess what - I didn't like it anymore. Now I just make some mild versions of soluble coffee with oat milk or have a cup or two when we go out, or in the hotel where I play the piano. Even there I prefer to drink a glass of smoothie or choose from the selection of tea they have.


Apart from nutrition and vitamins and essential oils that we can intake, all in the constant process of taking care of our healthy bodies, our mental health is something we should not forget about. Being emotionally stable, whatever it means for each of us, having peace of mind - or at least having the right attitude to work on it, is a part of being healthy. Well, it is taking care of becoming healthier and also taking care of the health and well-being of others! Don't we know that so many diseases come from stress and emotional/mental malaise? I am supersensitive and I know that many things deeply affect me, so I try in the first hand to avoid toxic people, comments, conversations and attitudes. I think I successfully reduced the number of people/contacts/situations that makes me harm, though I do have to work on becoming stronger and having an invisible protection shield around me :D


The environment where we live also means a lot. The sun, the blue sky and the sea are feeding my soul. That is why when I have time I opt to go out and walk by the sea. I also like forests and mountains, so much enjoyment can be found in being surrounded by hills and valleys. But to be honest, I also like the plain, the fields, the rivers... huh, seems I like every landscape hahaha. Who knows, maybe it is the key actually, be happy with all the little (and amazing at the same time) things that life is giving us. See and do things with passion...? I hope I am on a good path with taking care of my health. The only thing is now if @anttn would kick me off with this super late entry or take it with the relax attitude the board on the first photo says.

In any case, I am off to take a walk by that blue landscape, without worries! 😇




Dwarf orange tree, Chinese orange tree or kumquat, first time I hear of this fruit. The soluble coffee you are drinking is horrible and does nothing good for your migraine. Better stick with tea, Dr. Chiringa tells you, that's me. 😆
By the way what a nice rack of teas, I want them all for myself. As I'm writing to you I smell paint. I don't know where that comes from... sometimes it happens to me, it's a mystery, that I write and I feel smells. The one that repeats itself most often is that of tobacco smoke. Smells that are not justified, because if it is from food and that I can well think that it is from one of the houses that surround me. My neighbors who put pots of delicious food and sometimes offer me some. By the way, today they gave me a chocolate. I love chocolates. It's the best gift anyone can give me. That, and ice cream 😄
In your healthy meals you missed chocolate or you don't like it? In moderation it's very good because it's antioxidant, natural stimulant, they say it keeps the heart healthy... well sure, I feel a joy when I see it, I already knew that. Oh, but it's not good for migraines either.
As for reducing contact with toxic people, I've been doing it successfully. But I'm like you, I'm not very strong at raising shields, even though I know they are necessary. I've had some very sad times in my life, the last couple of years, and they have certainly changed me, I think for the better. Look, I'm missing that thing of walking more. More contact with nature but out of the house. I must confess that it steals my world. In my house I have a huge yard with fruit trees that I have planted and of course I have seen them grow. It is a great treasure that I have. That's why sometimes it's hard for me to get out of here. I think I'm more of a loner, although the guys and girls of hivecuba are getting me to go out more.
Nothing... I was tempted to chat a bit with @mipiano, after reading this wonderful post. Best regards.

PD. When I read the part about your friends in Switzerland, I sighed because if one day I am granted the desire to travel, I would like to go there. I find them to be very nice and cool people the Swiss.

The kumquat was also a first time for me too, I probably wouldn't buy it by myself. Last week that same student brought me also jam of kumquat. (I will never lose weight hahaha) they feel me well 😂
I know, the soluble coffee is not very nice, especially the decaf version, but I bought the normal one for the machine, and I didn't like it anymore. My stomach either.
Oh, Dr Chiringa? Maybe I would ask does it have some meaning, the word chiringa... but it anyway sounds funny hahaha.
Good to know that chocolate and ice cream are the best gifts you like to receive. Will try to note it down in my mind. {Mind note - Nanixx - chocolate and ice cream.} :D
I do like chocolate, dark chocolate with almonds or hazelnuts, but to be honest, every type of chocolate can come. I would not complain.
Shields- I am very bad at building them. And I also had sad years of my life - but recent years are the opposite :) Currently, I am in a positive phase, but there are always little moments where I have to fight them (the little demons, they live in some corner of my mind) mainly self-sabotage things, so I need a shield from myself too sometimes lol
Oh, wow, a huge yard with trees and all, can I come to walk there? For example, it would be a perfect Wednesday walk post - Walk in Nanixxx's yard. or Among the trees of a magic garden. I already have the titles :D

My friends liked the time spent here but they also like Switzerland as their home. They say all the best about the people and places there.

Sorry for a bit late response to this comment 😇
I am trying to catch up with everything ;)

 2 months ago  

Yes, but at the same time, how could I have had the idea of organizing a challenge at this time ? Only me can have timing problems like this ^^ !

Your citrus fruit grower neighbour looks really nice :D It reminds me of some of them but more in Italy... In a way, I pray every day that we go back to the time when all fruits and vegetables were organic and we didn't have to differentiate them. Ah, avocado and kumquats as gifts is just the best ! Wonderful 😇... It says what a good teacher that must be !!

Will water ever be replaced ? It's the best beverage ever !
So, did it have an effect on your migraines ? I hope so 🤞. I've cut down on coffee myself and I also like it less than before... it's funny. Instead I drink a lot more tea, herbal tea and mate. Recently I started to drink chicory and I must say I love it ! It's quite economical, similar to coffee without the excitants and it also provides some fibers :)

Health for me is really half physical, half mental. I try to keep a constant balance between the two and my need for calm. I've often been perceived as a much stronger person than I really am and it's hard to get that across to people in general, but never to those who love us and whom we love. That's why my entourage is quite small too, I can't stand the bad atmosphere or the low hits anymore ^^ !

Hahaha !... as if I was going to blow you off with such a well written, thoughtful article that you took the time to do even after the challenge was over ! I just loved this read and that moment when I felt like I was talking about health and fundamental life with you :) Many thanks for this moment which I feel will help to brighten my week, I'm really touched 💚

I wish you a beautiful week, hoping that you are doing well !

Great, so no worries for no hurries :))

The citrus grower neighbour (haha, if he only would know we are mentioning him and he got this nickname 😄) is a retired man, he has time for the orchard/garden and does the labours with love and pleasure. He also has vegetables (but just for his family, there is not much so he doesn't sell them) and chickens for eggs. Yeah, if we could go back to those years when all the fruits and vegetables were organic. Difficult that it can happen, I am afraid.

Maybe I just have good students :) so they like to share with me the good things they have. (but I also get chocolate and other gifts 😅 )

So, coffee. The first week without coffee was very hard. My body was used to that caffeine dose. Later it was good, I avoided also black tea and refined sugar, sweets, bread... and started to use CBD and for months I could control the migraine episodes better. Then we went to visit our family during the summer and my new routine was broken. I went back to almost all usual as before and maybe then my migraines got again more frequent and stronger. Coffee was still just an occasional thing, so now I don't know if avoiding it really helped or not 😅 or if it was the combination of all the abovementioned things.
In the past, I also used chicory for some time, but I don't remember why I went again back to coffee.

Absolutely, health implies both mental and physical health. When I had some pain in my neck and back and went to my physiotherapist he always had a holistic approach and tried to find out if I was stressed, worried etc. He finds a lot of connections between our emotional state and muscle stiffness. Also, breathing is important as he always says, and that is where I also fail. Breathe deeply and relax in difficult situations. So I see you understand this part, as you can't stand the low hits either. Well, it is my (our) reaction too as we should be stronger hahaha, I just get sad and feel anguish, even ridiculous when I can't stay strong.

Thank you for reading this out-of-time contribution, I am glad I wrote it finally and even more glad you dedicated your time to read it and write me your awesome comment. Mercy, many times!

I also wish you a beautiful and healthy week @anttn 😇

 2 months ago  

The citrus grower neighbour (haha, if he only would know we are mentioning him and he got this nickname 😄) is a retired man

Haha, he seems so like an adorable person ! True love and time dedicated to growing things, how couldn't it be good ?

Mh, I see the diet you had. I used to laugh at gluten-free people back in the years, but this is really a thing that makes us upset and weak at some points... The bad gluten in any case ^^ Yeah, routine is super difficult to keep ongoing when we gather in family..! Tried few times, but it's generally very hard.

I think you may enjoy meditation, just being sit down and following the rhythm of your breath. Not avoiding thoughts but just letting it flows. This is maybe the thing that helped me the most, this and taichi basic movements :)

Thanks you again for this true piece of reading and learning pleasure 😘 !

One of those articles you write so eloquently and naturally, this time dealing with something as important as what we eat and our moods.... By the way, wonderful fruit photos wow!.... High quality and lovely contrast and color especially the avocados and tangerine (I'm a amateur photographer, I can't help praising a great photo when I look at it) 😊📷... By the way "kumquat".... Oh my gosh, when I was a kid I ate them in syrup prepared by my mother and grandmother, they were delicious.... I didn't like them in nature, but in syrup they were addictive and more than once I ended up with stomach ache for overdoing it hehehehe... Ia a pite but this and other citrus species ended up succumbing to the "yellow dragon" virus Huanglongbing (HLB) and now I don't see those plants around here anymore... Here in my yard I have Coffee (15 plants which we have already harvested once in 2022 after four years growing), also a lot of bananas (since before I was born, I think) and 2 Avocados trees.... And from time to time we plant eggplants, peas, cilantro, lettuce and papayas.... That's lovely to do, you are lucky to have a neighbor who has his crops nearby... Oh dear, I always write too much!... Well, I send you my thanks for this post, it is interesting, eloquent, and readable!!!...😊 🙏

Happy sunday @mipiano friend!!!

!discovery 40


Food and mood, there is rhyme in it hahaha
You say that you are an amateur photographer. For me, your photos seem professional, and my ones are just attempts to take a photo hahaha
But thank you for your words, I have to trust you and receive them :))
So cool that you already consumed kumquats as a child, in syrup. The homemade jams and syrups are so much more delicious than all those we buy... You have 15 coffee plants in your yard? Wow, didn't even imagine it can be cultivated at home and harvested. But yes, it has sense, it is just that I have never seen it here. Must be because of the different climate.
Oh, and so many different plants, fruits and vegetables you have, well done! My parents have a garden so they also plant veggies every year. It is also a way how to pass time and at the same time do some exercise. And later -all the healthy fruits of the labour - priceless!

Oh dear, I always write too much!..

Hahahha, no worries. Just the opposite, I do appreciate your being around a lot! Thank you 😇

The food we eat is a great factor that affects us. This is where I'm falling short. I consume salty and processed foods and I sleep late. Overall, I can say that I'm taking my health for granted. Thanks for this article of yours as I'm reminded to check myself and make changes now.

I am glad this post could serve as a reminder for you to take more care for your health 🌞😇

Apart from nutrition and vitamins and essential oils that we can intake, all in the constant process of taking care of our healthy bodies, our mental health is something we should not forget about

Very true...But sadly many people tend to overlook their mental health , alot of people still need to be made to understand that their mental health is just as important as their physical health , if not more..

Absolutely true ☺️ mental health is just as important as the physical health 🌞

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Thank you, it for sure was 🌞

You are welcome

did I speed read this too fast? you mention many good points ... but I do not recall seeing exercise anywhere {rubs eyes... scrolls up...reads slower this time}... mope.. no body exercise... internal organs {tick}... brain {tick} ... tick..

my idea of being healthy... sustenance as in what you put in your body , followed by exercise

I LOVE avocado pears.... must be my favoritest food on the planet

Well, I could write actually that exercise is great and good and essential and all, but can't put it into my example as not really that I do some body exercise.


I know, ok? hahahah I know! 😅

Combining work, family, piano and hive, not really much time that is left from 24h of a day, so I try to consider walking around and bike rides as exercise {though I know it is not enough}.

So, do I fail this exam or what? 😂

Do you fail the exam? {thinks}... Not in the least... you certainly lead an active, busy life. Sedentary people need exercise.... and those like me who are compensating for bad habits....{reaches over... lifts glass of wine...admires the golden sheen...sniffs appreciatingly}

Still, even with my pace of life, I know I would need something more than walks and bike. I have never liked games with ball - fingers' injuries are not good for a pianist. And football was not my thing. I did aerobic and zumba, that's ok until my left knee (which is giving sometimes problems for the last 15 years) starts to ache. Jogging/running has the same knee issue.
Well, I could opt for something like pilates or yoga :)) There is always a solution over excuses 😉

"There is always a solution over excuses 😉" true speak, walks and bike perfectly acceptable.... one need not be a professional athlete to be life fit


Where you have been to is impressive to me as the person who read your article. Today's market, checking the source of the goods and the quality is a must in order to avoid chemical treatment. I feel like you live with natural growing fruit a lot, among the fruit avocado is my favorite of all time , well her father really kind person that he even give you both green and the dark avocado so that you can have it for a long period.

The best thing would be to have my own garden and grow many veggies and fruits on my own, but it is not possible right now for me. But I am lucky with that neighbours and students who have orchards or gardens and they want to surprise me sometimes with those fruits. And yes, for avocados, very nice by them to combine the ripen and still green fruits, it lasts then for a longer time :)

That's right, health is the main thing and we have to pay great attention to everything we buy related to health, many forget about it now

And yaa, I am a little interested in komquat fruit, whether it is avocado,

Kumquat is that little orange-like fruit, but it is very tiny. It is a citrus fruit.

And avocado (if you asked what it was, I didn't understand you actually :D ) is a completely different thing... guacamole is made of avocado for example.

Owh, I misunderstood, I guess the one on top of that little orange is called kumquat😅,nagami orange

Avocado fruit, I also planted it, but it did not grow well, I will share later if I see the tree😊

Happy weekend for you😊🙏

Yes, that would be kumquat - nagami orange :)

Happy weekend to you too 👋

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que temperatura tiene hoy en españa

Depende. Yo estoy en la costa Mediterranea, y hoy ha hecho 17 grados pero mañana se supone que subirá la temperatura en mi ciudad hasta las 21 grados. Es la época de frío aquí, pero mucho más fresquito en el interior y norte de España

te gusta el frio o el calor



en el mar y con el clima indicado la vida es mas sabrosa saludo

Creo que tienes razón :)
Saludos 👋

The fruits look amazing! I'm jealous haha. I wish I had access to fresh fruit like this 👍

I guess I just have luck with the neighbour having the orchard 🙂


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