Five years on Hive & reaching 70 reputation💙🥰 #TodaLaVida

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Hey guys!

I don´t usually share any personal milestone or achievement posts with you but I have to make an exception today because I recently celebrated two really big ones. The first one was my fifth Hivean birthday and the other one was reaching the 70 reputation.

It´s really incredible how fast the time flies. I remember registering on the blockchain five years ago in 2017 when we were living in Playa del Carmen, Mexico which is still my very favorite destination and I miss it every single day. So for me, Hive will always be kind of connected with the amazing Caribbean lifestyle that we were enjoying back then in 2017.


As for the other milestone, the 70 rep was something I always wanted to achieve here since the very beginnings of my blogging journey. I remember that back in the days, anyone with a 50+ or even 60+ reputation seemed like a very big fish to me. The blockchain was actually created just one year before that in 2016 so there were not many accounts with high reputations back then. Now, there are many Hivers with 70+ reputation and I´m really happy that I´m finally one of them too.

Big Thanks to my one and only @phortun for helping me with Hive and actually for everything you do for me every single day!! Gracias por todo!! Mucho besos🥰

Thank you so much guys for supporting me all those years! I really appreciate it 🙏😉



Happy 70th!!! And wow! I have been here for five and a half years and I agree!! Time flies and it is the best here.

I love Playa de Carmen and I will be in Mexico in January and will probably visit there for a day. I am looking forward to it as that is the coldest month here.

Congratulations, Tammy! @liltammy

An awesome milestone and perhaps you can get back there at some point in the future.

Many thanks for the nice words. Appreciate🙏

Yay congrats Tammy. So exciting! Happy anniversary too.

Aww, thank you, Sara:) Very kind of you. Have a nice day :)

Congratulations. Great job. Keep on building on Hive. It is well worth it.

This place is only going to get better.

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Thanks for the nice words, man. Appreciate🙏

Happy anniversary! I will be five in February.

Thanks man! Of yourse you will be celebrating your Bday here too! :)

You can bet on that.

Congrats dear.

Thank you! Have a great day:)

No teda, hned dva takové mega milníky najednou! Gratulace největší! A víš, že ti se vším pomáhám rád :* :)

Tady ještě malý dáreček k těm pátým Hive narozeninám...

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Muchas gracias, amorcito🙏💙

Congratulations on these two achievements. I wish you many more here with us, those of us five years old now!

Many thanks, I really appreciate it. Have a nice day:)

Congrats!! 🤗

Thanks for the kind wishes I really appreciate it. Greetings from Prague:)