This Contest Doesn't Exist

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When I was a kid, we'd have contests to see who had the best desktop wallpaper. Also who had the most customized computer. Then it became who had a 'cooler' phone. And although I'm not really about the "keeping up with the Joneses" vibe... I still have that friendly competitive spirit I had as a child. My friends and I always aimed to 'outdo' ourselves (and hopefully impress others as a side-bonus.)

And this concept lies at the core of most contests.

In contests, people challenge themselves to 'outperform' or 'impress' other members of society. The funny thing is, I avoid entering most contests. Same for hosting them. I simply love seeing the results. I love seeing everyone 'doing their best.' I love seeing the awesome ideas, creations, and contributions that often arise from a good contest.

Which brings me to the heart of today's post.

If Hive were to hold a well-publicized (& incentivized) contest for artists to create desktop wallpapers using the Hive logo, we'd end up with something closer to this:

Or this:

Rather than this:

A contest results in Hive visuals that speak to people.

People pay attention to flashy art. To entertainment. To consumable eye candy. Hive Wallpapers would help develop Hive's brand recognition significantly. Especially if SEO'd correctly. Right now, when I google for the Hive logo I can't even find a usable Vector of it, just low-res blurry jpgs.

I know this because I made a Hive Desktop Wallpaper today and I had to redraw the Hive logo from scratch for it.


I hoped that when I googled, many Hive Wallpapers would turn up by talented artists who love Hive. And if there aren't many of those on Hive right now, perhaps a contest like this could attract them.

The tagline could be "Edit Pixels, Earn Crypto" or something.

Anyway, this contest doesn't exist.

It's just an idea floating around my brain right now, but it's fun to think about and imagine. If done well, it could easily result in...

  • Hive Art That Attracts Consumers
  • Hive Art That Attracts Artists & Talent
  • Hive Brand Recognition
  • Hive SEO Ranking
  • Hive Buzz In The Design Community
  • Maybe even some NFTs

(And hey, if someone felt inspired to hold a contest like this, perhaps it'd make @lordbutterfly 's job a little easier too.)


Anyway, just a stray thought I felt like fleshing out here and seeing what other hivizens think. I believe art can massively propel projects into the mainstream and elevate their status in the eyes of 'the masses.' And either way, I look forward to the day I won't have to design my own Hive Wallpaper from scratch, and I can just snag one of many from the generous archives of passionate artists, the same way I might for any well-established brand or project.

060_Hive_Wallpaper.pngImage by Me | Download This Wallpaper at 1920 x 1080.

So what do you think?

Do you like the idea of a Hive Desktop Wallpaper Contest? Do you like the wallpaper I designed? Can you think of any artists who'd be a fit for this? Or someone who's talented at contest-running? Maybe @acidyo , @crosheille , or someone in @ocd would have useful input? Or some of the art communities here on hive? (I also wonder if @theycallmedan , @starkerz , or would consider setting up a similar contest when @spknetwork launches...) Please let me know what you think in the comments.

Regardless... I appreciate anyone who reads, comments, shares, or even skims. Thank you. 🙏

 10 days ago 

I love this, it has to be done. If Dan doesn't read the notification, it's possible @eddiespino will support.

We can help with promotion.

I did a wallpaper for a challenge in this community a while back and would gladly do more again. or

P. You didn't have to draw the logo from scratch. On you have it for download in png.

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I'm glad you like the idea @danielvehe , and good idea to tag Eddie as well.

Getting the most effectiveness and results out of something like this takes a bit of finesse and nuance, but it has a lot of potential. I love seeing your many wallpapers, whether its the 3D logos hovering around the smartphone or a plant growing out of the Hive ecosystem, all inspiring stuff.

Ah, those brand assets would've helped, PNGs are good in a pinch, thanks for the link! 🙏

 9 days ago 

It occurred to me that I could include a strategy to bring in talent from That place is amazing and where the best artists are found. If many of us post wallpapers there, it could make an impact.


 9 days ago (edited)

Excellent thinking, @danielvehe ! Designing the contest so it reaches out to DeviantArt by it's very nature is brilliant. Could do similar for ArtStation or Dribbble or even Instagram as well. (Many artists from these places would love to know they could earn money/crypto by posting their art here.)

Another idea is to incentivize not just the Wallpaper-creation, but sharing as well. Some people do this by 'getting friends to vote' for their artworks, but there are other methods as well. The main point is that it's not just people creating art that's valuable here, it's people spreading the contest 'off-platform' on more centralized social media, thus generating increased awareness of Hive beyond all the logos featured in the artworks.

Anyway, lots of food for thought here, and I love your idea to target DeviantArt. :) 🙏

P.S. I haven't logged into my DA account in ages, lol, perhaps I'll revive it.

 9 days ago 

This will be the excuse to revive our DA accounts. 😛

I logged in and all my deviations are gone? Account = 8 years old, deviations 0, lol. :)

 9 days ago 

wow how did that happen, too bad

By the way, I talked to my team and we would like to interview you on discord with our community. If you like the idea let me know how we can talk privately.

It's all good, just surprising lol.

Yes, I'd be honored to interview with you, I imagine we'll have a valuable, fun conversation!

You can find me @ryzeonline on almost any social platform you can name if you'd like to DM me, or my discord is ryzeonline#1404 .

Looking forward to connecting! 🙏

 9 days ago 

I think your idea is amazing, I have experience making contests, it's easier than you think, you should talk in Discord with some whales/leaders of communities and obtain some prizes. I think @rutablockchain is one of the communities that could help in the contest.

I don't know a lot of artists but maybe @andreart99 and @berlissanoja could say more about this.

Thanks for liking my idea, @ambarvegas , and I'm so glad to have someone with contest experience taking notice here. I agree making a contest may be easy, but making a 'smash hit' effective one, may require more finesse? Anyway, I appreciate all this and you tagging some people who may be interested, @danielvehe also had some good ideas, for example, involving, a huge community of artists. :) 🙏

I will have to check out envato. I love a good stock site. You are right, there is a sore lack of good wallpapers/images out there and it's a fantastic way of gaining publicity/traction. I do like yours very much! I had to create my own back in the steemit days as some of the stock ones were terrible. Thankfully the logo was easy!

I use Envato for so many things, they provide such a good service. Right? It'd be a cool thing to do, imho. Glad you like mine, and huge props to you for making your own (I'd love to see it if possible). I haven't checked but I bet if I google there's more Steemit art than Hive art, and it'd be great to see that flipped. :) 🙏

Regretfully I think you would be right. Although hive is better steem was longer in the tooth and had way more resources.

I will have to have a look. It's not as easy as in the early days steemit didn't host their own images and we had to use all manner of third party sites and embed our links which seems insane now.

In fact I remember getting into arguments over it. Lol. Sometimes people just can't think out of the box

Heh, yeah I feel ya, hopefully we can change that. :)

had way more resources.
steemit didn't host their own images

These two lines in close proximity made me chuckle, lol.

I consider myself a fairly 'outside-the-box' thinker, and it's quite interesting when I bump into people who are... less so. Ah well, it seems Hive is more likely to think outside the box than Steemit, at least :)

I know @doze has done some really nice Hive graphics and wallpapers and I’ve seen @borjan do a few nice graphics as well.

I love the idea and think it would definitely help promote Hive. I know there are many page dividers and logos that have been created for Hive that pop up on Google search but as you have stated not many if at all wallpapers.

I think artists would definitely be interested in a challenge like this...especially with a nice and worthwhile incentive attached ;)

Oh and yes, I like the one you've created. It's very illuminated reminding me of a lightbulb. We should call it “The Hive Enlightenment”!

OOoohh, you've tagged some excellent photographers/artists here, thank you! It'd be nice to hear what they think.

Yes, banners and dividers have come up in my searches, but no full-screen, beautiful, hive-focused artworks that I could put on my desktop. :)

(grin) Proper incentivization is definitely key.

(And I'm glad you liked mine :D) 🙏

For sure! I’d like to know how they feel about this idea too.


Another brilliant masterpiece by @ryzeonline
This is a great idea you've brought to the table , having digital , pencil or pen artworks of hive could really increase the publicity of Hive , both the blog and the currency .
It could earn funds for individuals and also artists .
Also , it's an opportunity for all the artist to come out of hiding and be noticed , which could increase the participation of bloggers in the community .

This Contest Dosen't Exist

Could actually become a contest !

Thank you!

And yes, you've summarized a lot of the benefits quite well. There's a lot of win-win opportunity for all involved.

Could actually become a contest !

Well, the seed has been planted, I hope it blossoms! 🙏

P.S. The 'mockup' images in the post above came from, if anyone's curious, fantastic stock site, well worth it. 😀

LOVE your wallpaper.

I enjoy contests. I'm naturally competitive and it's super fun to win lol.

I've not entered any here on Hive yet because I've been focused elsewhere but I love your idea of having this kind of contest for marketing purposes. This is an amazing idea. It's a perfect way to generate buzz for Hive (see what I did there? lol) or for any project that someone wants to get eyeballs on. People love to compete and who doesn't love what you made over the stuff you can find on a Google search?

(I also wonder if @theycallmedan , @starkerz , or would consider setting up a similar contest when @spknetwork launches...)

Amazing idea. A great way to get people to pay attention and notice. ❤️

I downloaded your wallpaper. Thanks for sharing it with everyone.

~love, Cyn

Thank you!

And yes, you won some recently I believe. :)

Glad you like the idea of the contest, perhaps it'll come to life, who knows.

Yeah, I think it or something similar could help SPK either at launch or after it's built up some traction.

Thanks for downloading it! 🙏

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