Two Years on Hive - A Wonderful Journey

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Two years ago, I joined the Hive blockchain. It's been an amazing journey so far, and I've learned a lot. I'm excited to continue learning and growing with the community in many years to come.


Hivebuzz left me a comment a few days ago. It's been two years since I've been here. Oh wow time flies 😇

Since I started blogging, I've shared a lot. I consider blogging as a way to connect with others and document my life.
Plus, it is also a way for me to express my feelings. I feel that by writing down my thoughts, I can better organize my thoughts and eventually work through any issues that might be affecting me. I also find it therapeutic to write about something that is weighing on my mind and letting others read and comment on it provides some emotional support.


It would be great if I could get a cake with my name and hive on it, but I have been too busy to do so

Many people I met have been invited to join blogging and I hope they will be as passionate about Hive as I am, but unfortunately many of them are only active for a few months and then go quiet after that. Although I am disappointed, I do not blame them. As the world progresses, so does the way we live. People are always on the move, looking for something better and being busy with other activities in the real life. So I told myself that those who stay will stay. 🙂

Hive has brought me closer to people I would have never known, and I've enjoyed getting to know them and reading their stories. I've had a good time on the blockchain sharing my daily stories and getting to know many friends from all over the world. It's been a great way to connect with people, and I'm grateful for the friendships I've made. It's been a busy time for me recently, but I'm always happy to find time to check other's posts when possible. 🙂

Hive's a place where I can keep the good times and document the events of my life. Let's imagine !! After all, someday we all get old and it's nice to be able to look back on our lives and read about all the memories we've made. We'll be glad we did it :))

There are so many things I would like to say, but I remember I already wrote on a lot in one of my previous post 😉

Last but not least, I'm truly grateful for all your support and being around - the journey wouldn't have been the same without you.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart ❤️



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Wow, time really flies! I remember as if it was yesterday when you joined our community :) Congrats on your second Hive birthday Trang! :) And no worries, your amazing onboarding efforts will never be forgotten, no matter how many of your recruits stay active ;)

@tipu curate

Time goes quickly :) . Your encouragement and support mean a lot to me and I truly appreciate it. Thanks for being around throughout my blog journey since from the beginning. I'm always excited introduce Hive to people I've met and will continue to onboard more if possible :)

📣Happy 2️⃣nd Hiversary! @trangbaby🎉🥳🥂

You are a blessing and positve presence on HIVE. Please keep on being you! ❤❤❤


Awe so sweet Nina, thanks your kind words and support. I really appreciated it ❤️

You are probably one of the, if not the most consistent author from Vietnam and your contribution in growing Team Vietnam has not gone unnoticed even when you went through a lot of personal stuff in life. It's unfortunate that many you referred to Hive have become dormant, they were doing so well, creating great content and being supported accordingly. Sadly they don't have the long term vision here, so all I can say it's their loss. Hope you are enjoying your new life in Australia!!

Thank you so much Pauline, I'd love to grow with the community as long as possible. Hive has become one of the things I love to check out every day in my life. I find it a bit disappointed that many of them are inactive as they used to be, even though I tried motivate them.

Everything is getting better now and I'm enjoying my stay so far. 🙂

Happy hive birthday to you. Hive has really made people meet a lot of amazing friends. And one thing I love being here is the fact that I get to learn new things everyday.

It is a beautiful place to connect with like-minds with the different communities built for everyone.

Happy hive birthday once again

It's wonderful to hear that Hive has brought you a great deal of joy and happiness. Hive is such a great place for us to meet new people and learn new things. :)

Thanks for your kind words, I really appreciate it. 😘

Congratulations my dear. Kỉ niệm 2 năm blog rồi mà tôi cũng lặn lội trên đây được một năm. Cứ ngỡ như hôm qua nàng còn dạy tôi set up các kiêu nhỉ

Hihi thanks nàng nhé nhanh quá nàng ạ :) Mới đó 2 năm rồi, nhớ năm trước mọi người rộn ràng ghê luôn. Gio không còn được mấy bạn active thật sự :( nhưng ko sao mỗi người có công việc riêng bận rộn :)

Nàng về tới NZ rồi à?

Uh t về r nàng ạ. Đợt này đi chơi mà hơi vất vì chuyến bay bị huỷ tùm lum. Rồi giờ giấc chênh nhiều quá. May mà lúc về NZ thuận lợi

YAY 2 years. It has been wonderful to watch your journey and read your posts. I am grateful for this platform and knowing you and hope we can meet in person one day. :)

Thank you so much Sara, I've enjoyed getting to know you and checking more stunning landscapes in America through your posts. Hive has brought us closer and I deeply appreciate it. :) Yeah please let me know if you travel to Melb Aus, it would be great to catch up and meet you in person ❤️ Much Love

Happy Hive Birthday love. I too see Hive as a kind of diary for my thoughts. It’ll hold my memories forever and I can always look back on both the good and bad days of the past.

Have a great day and more memories on Hive🥂

Thanks a lot @depressedfuckup I really appreciate your kind words. When I look at my old posts, I realize how much I have changed since I started sharing everything on Hive. Changing for the better and in a positive way. Keeping a journal of everything here and getting to know more people are one of the best things I've done in the recent years 🙂

!giphy congrats


I truly appreciate your support in the past 2 years too, @bhattg :)

Congratulations dear. It’s just like yesterday when I met you through faceonHive community.

Hey @starstrings01 it's been a while I hope your doing well. Yeah time flies fast, and I still remember that pic I posted on Faceofhive a couple years ago haha :)

It has been a pleasure knowing you and I hope we'll be here for many years to come. Let's toast to Hive and our friendship together :)

Happy cakeday!

Thanks so much @acidyo :)

Here's to another two years 🍻 👏

Yeah not everyone who joins sticks around unfortunately. What can you do though 🤷‍♂️

Thank you @leaky20 yes true, we can't do anything so I believe who stays will stay

Yeaahh many more years to come am looking forward to a more successful future for the platform. Cheers :)

Cheers to many more years on Hive, happy Hiveriversary @trangbaby ✨✨

Thanks so much @couragbox ! I hope Hive continues to thrive in the future and am excited to be here as long as I can :)

WOW! That is a long time. Congratz! I only just got here :D have a long way to go!

Thanks Ella, You're doing great and will soon celebrate your anniversary ^^

Congrats it is not an easy journey

Thanks @emeka4 It's totally worth the time and effort :)

Happy anniversary!

Thanks @acesontop here's many more years to come :)


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Congratulation, I'm glad, you are here.