Infernal Imp Army - Miniatures

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War? Yes war! To spread terror and destruction, to conquer. Every reason is a good reason. We are ready! Just point in which direction we should go and the fires of hell will ignite beautifully!



Infernal imps are slavishly obedient to their horned masters. They obey most orders without hesitation. 'The master always knows best'. They are rather cowardly by nature, but forget this in larger groups. Bullying a much weaker opponent is one of their favorite pastime.


I go first, chop heads off, make master happy!



This creature rips through enemy ranks like a living tank.
Hellhogs are known for their endurance, high resistance to pain and enormous appetite. They are deliberately starved before battles and often devour large numbers of enemy combatants along with their horses and armor.
Off the battlefield, they are also used as draft animals. They become very attached to their owners and often attack other hellhogs out of jealousy.


Infernal weapons are not known for their good quality. Most of the equipment made for imps is not very well fitted and is made of poor quality materials. Some pieces of weaponry seem to make no sense at all, yet their owners wear it with the utmost dignity even beyond the battlefield, where it becomes a fashion item.


This minor demon is known for its particularly nasty habit of hiding in small caves, ruins and tight crawl spaces while waiting for its victims. It lures them in by imitating human speech, often calling for help or promising untold treasures waiting for you at the end of a dark tunnel.

Modeled and rendered in Blender
Thank you for your time!


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Very nice ! Have you thought of making the imps two-part (split at the waist) and a set of riding legs to fit to them to make Hellhog cavalry ? 😁

Yeah hellhog riders, I love it. Making the standing pose to work as a rider may be a bit tricky, probably easier to re-pose an imp and make it printable as a one piece. But, yeah, we definitely need that in the hell army :)