DIY CURATION: 01 September 2021 - 08 September 2021

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Every two days we are posting a themed curation report with all the highlights of the last week.

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diy: crafting

by @mariangie[ESP/ENG]Hermoso cisne hecho con papel/ Beautiful swan made with paper@rezoanulvibes
by @yusma21Construyendo una linda ratoncita con tela de jean, para decorar el interruptor del cuarto de mi hija/ Making a cute little mouse out of denim to decorate my daughter's bedroom switch.@rezoanulvibes
by @milagrosmhblPortalapices en forma de castillo con Rollos de papel🖍🖊🖋// Pencil holder in the shape of a castle with paper rolls🖍🖊🖋 [Esp-Eng] @rezoanulvibes
by @katiuskamataMuñeca hecha con paletas y material de provecho//.Doll made with pallets and useful material@rezoanulvibes
by @nallo[spanish-engrish] lindas flores decorativas >cute decorative flowers@rezoanulvibes
by @antonio72[ESP/ENG]Cuadro de uvas en tercera dimensión.//Picture of grapes in third dimension.@rezoanulvibes
by @yusma21Cuadro decorativo de varias texturas, utilizando semillas.Decorative painting of various textures, using seeds.@rezoanulvibes
by @giocondinaMi participación en el Nuevo Concurso: Tercera dimensión-Mini bolso de mano/My entry in the New Contest: Third Dimension - Mini Hand Bag@rezoanulvibes
by @nadeurdaneta[ENG/ESP]Fun game with recyclable material/Divertido juego con material reciclable@rezoanulvibes
by @mariaudhr[ESP/ENG] Un Bonito Pez Con Cartulina/ A Nice Fish With Cardboard@rezoanulvibes
by @hcmo12BELLAS FLORES@rezoanulvibes
by @sorianny[Esp-Eng] Lindas flores de foami o goma eva.@rezoanulvibes
by @katiuskamataUn cariño a mí cocina anuncio hecho en madera , material reciclable y de provecho.// A love to me kitchen advertisement made of wood, recyclable and useful material.@stevenson7
by @smilestitchesHow I made an Indian juparty with Indian buttons on the front.@rezoanulvibes
by @michell02Topper decorativo para pasteles⭐✨ /Decorative cake topper⭐✨ {ESP/ENG} by: michell02@stevenson7
by @josevamCamión hecho con materiales de provecho./Truck made with useful materials@rezoanulvibes
by @jorgelist[Esp-Eng] Hermoso adorno de pared, hecho con material reciclado. Beautiful wall ornament, made from recycled material.@rezoanulvibes
by @jorgelissanchezTutorial para realizar un lindo cuadro de molinos de viento tipo 3D /Tutorial to make a cute 3D windmill painting @rezoanulvibes
by @nadeurdaneta[ENG/ESP] Cute hanging decoration for a nursery/Tierno adorno colgante para el cuarto de un bebé@rezoanulvibes
by @nallo[spanish-engrish] hermoso porta cepillos >beautiful brush holder@rezoanulvibes
by @kristiec♻️🐟Hermosa pecera decorativa🐠♻️@stevenson7

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