Lenovo Yoga 510 & Ideapad 110 laptop water damage fix

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I'm just an engineering student that likes to fix his own stuff to save some money and extend its lifetime. I'm not a professional and this video is just for entertainment purposes. I'm not responsible for anyone doing harm to himself or his device by not following the manufacturers or local guidelines regarding the handling of electricity or electrical devices.

Last year two water damged laptops found their way on my 'workbench' and I was able to fix them quite easily without any special tools. This video might be helpful for people to avert costly repairs related to spilling drinks on their stuff, and to show how easy repairs can be, even without any significant experience on the subject.

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Really cool stuff here man! A lot of what people do for DIY is exactly that: we want to save money! So much of the stuff that gets thrown away is just stuff that could be given new life if people would spend a little time trying to fix it. If you can’t fix it after that it doesn’t matter because it was taken apart anyway lol. Keep it up! Hopefully this can turn into a little side hustle for you.

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