Orange Glass Bead Choker

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Way back when I bought the bits and bobs for the last two jewelry posts, I also grabbed a string of large orange glass beads as well. I finally got around to using them now.

I had some simple bead caps already on hand, and I used small off-white glass beads for spacers. Large beads don't work well on wire without something in between to allow them to flex. It doesn't need to be much, but there does need to be room.

Orange glass beads.jpg

The wire technique is pretty basic. Count out parts. Yank some wire off the spool. Carefully thread all the bits. I crimped a loop in the loose end, clipped the length of wire from the spool with a bit extra to work with, and crimped another loop to secure the strand. I also managed not to waste any crimp bead covers. I got none out of order, and there was no dropping the works part-way through this time and having to restart!

I used a scrap of chain and a lobster claw clasp to turn the re-strung beads into a choker-length necklace. Now I'll be stowing my jewelry-making clutter for a while, I think. There's other stuff to do.

dizzy d20 128.png

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You mean you don’t just do everything perfect the first time? Inconceivable 😆

So cool @jacobtothe. Doing something that we enjoy will certainly be good results. I have one too, but it's made of stone here

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Welcome to the diyhub community :) Nice choker - it would have been nice if you would have posted a bit more details on the process but I think there is not much to say about a choker with existing materials though ^^ Looking forward for more of you in our community :)

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Although I probably wouldn't wear it myself, I like the color of those orange beads. Perhaps because they remind me of pumpkins!

It might be a close up but it looks like a handy swinging weapon in a battle!