Kitchen Cabinet Assembly - sink and corner base cabinets

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I've been slowly building my house for the past couple years while living in the cabin - I'm in the home stretch now, this is the kitchen sink and corner base cabinets assembly.


I pre-ordered, then picked up the base cabinets from the local hardware store - easy to assemble like Ikea, they do have cabinets too, but there was a two month delay at the time. The countertop doesn't arrive for another week, I already have the kitchen sink and faucet ready for hookup - then I'll be ready for the final plumbing inspection, the bathroom and laundry closet have already been plumbed.


9" Wide, One Door Cabinet

This small cabinet fills the space between the stove and the corner cabinet - for pots, pans, and cooking trays is the plan.



Straight forward assembly with the peg joiners, a Phillips Head Screwdriver was the only tool required for assembly of these cabinets.


The peg joiners looked a little different than in the instructions picture, I counted them and accounted for all the other parts on the list, so I was confident these were the joiners.


The non-metal-ball side of the pegs were pushed into the correct holes on the inside of the sides of the cabinet.


I brought the sides of the cabinet closer, loosely inserted the upper wood pieces into the pegs - then the cabinet bottom panel.


The joiner circular parts are easiest to insert into the pre drilled holes before installation. The arrows on the circular joiners should point towards the hole that the joiner peg will be inserted.


The sides of the cabinet are pushed together tight.


The circular joiner parts are tightened with the Phillips screwdriver. This pulls and locks in the connection tight, I was careful not to over-tighten, the back panel of the cabinet slid in from the top.


Shelf Assembly

The four plastic shelf support pieces were twisted and pushed into the side panels, into the pre drilled holes for the desired shelf height.


9" Door Hinge Install


The part of the hinge that goes on the door has a piece that lifts up before easily pushing into the pre drilled holes of the door, then that piece is latched down to tighten it's grip on the door.


The part of the hinge that attaches to the cabinet is tightened into place with the top and bottom screws being screwed into the pre drilled holes. The center screw is for in and out door adjustments if needed.


The door and cabinet hinge pieces snapped together easily, there's a pull up latch for releasing - the stick on door stops were added.


Blind Corner Cabinet Assembly

This blind corner cabinet can be assembled for left hand or right hand, I'm following the instructions for right hand.

Half way there, now to make it right hand.


The blind panel is screwed onto the left side, the door and hinges are installed, door stopper stuck on.


The shelf is installed, the blind corner cabinet is done.


30" Two Door Sink Cabinet


This 30" can be assembled as a sink cabinet or standard cabinet with doors to the top. Unfortunately the hardware store ordered the tall doors and not the short doors and fake drawer panels for the sink cabinet assemble - I've ordered the proper door kit and will use the tall doors for another 30" two door cabinet that I will eventually be ordering for the remaining base cabinets.


I'll assemble another cabinet soon, the 18" wide three drawer base cabinet that will be to the left of the sink - then I'll be ready to level and install the cabinets against the walls, and to add the counter top and the sink.


Have a great day!