Unclogging A Sink Drain

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Hello friends! Today I woke up to discover that my bathroom sink was totally stopped up. It had been slow for a while, so I knew this was coming, but I just hadn't taken care of it yet. Well now it demanded it! LOL

So I used this simple but nifty tool to unclog the drain. It's essentially a giant zip tie with notches in it to snag hair and other clogs. I used to take a pair of scissors to actual zip ties to make notches and used that, because I didn't know these existed! Once I did, I upgraded.

So you stuff it down into the drain from different angles to get the clogs out. The water will drain, and you will be left with a lot of black gunk and hair.

After you wipe that all up, use this opportunity to clean your now extra-dirty sink, lol.

Et voila! A nice clean sink that drains well.

Water running

It's a very simple fix when you have the nifty tool. :) Thanks for reading!


Oh my, that is a very useful tool though. Since it is plastic, it will not break and will just bend. Thus, the cuts in every sides will help to get the things that making the water stop flowing. I'm shocked that there is a tissue. Gosh! How I wish we have a product like that here.

Oh, the tissues weren't down the drain, I was using them to grab the clumps off of the tool. :)

There are some dirt and particles that are stuck in the zinc and I do use a stick broom to remove them and the water will start running fast than slow but I love this tool you used for yours as it makes it easier and simple too. You don´t have to call a plumber which could take some money from you but doing this DIY at home saves you from spending.

I didn't even know these existed until a neighbor showed me hers. It wasn't expensive to buy one since it's just plastic. I think we need to start including these in new home housewarming gifts, lol.

Hahahaha... That will be much appreciated too since it helps 😁

💪😉🤙🌈 that's cool! I will try that 'zip tie' way next time I get full stoppage on my sink.. I always just dump some Drano in there and wait.. :P This way seems more direct and gets it done!! :)

It's very fast. It drained after the second time I stuck the thingy down the drain. :)

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You're most welcome. That tool looks handy. 😊

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Thiiiis is actually a very helpful post and it is perfectly fitting to DIYHUB :D I usually operate with a fork doing the spaghetti move but this giant zip tie is gold!

It really makes it so much easier!

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