Are you using us to the fullest yet? Do you know all that we offer?

If you sit on our Discord then you'll note that I'm always trying to shove down your throats all the great ways that you can use BRO. We aren't just a dividend token, and we certainly aren't just a @brofi. With all that in mind, are YOU using us to the fullest of everything that we offer?

Let's take a walk with me as I show you around..

man cave.png

@Brofi has big updoots

Part of what makes BRO so popular to earn and hold right now is getting updoots from BROFI. The same can be said if you delegate HP to @Brofi then you can also earn BRO too. It may not be much bro but that eventually stacks given enough time goes by. Of course upvotes aren't guaranteed and are purely complimentary - but it's a good way to earn nonetheless.

Holding BRO earns you hive weekly

We started as a passive earning token two years ago and we have remained true to that vision ever since. There is no set APR because what I earn from income streams varies from week to week however we are solid in what we give out. Right now the hive we earn isn't a lot because we are in the middle of the bear market and what is available to earn from is quite small. That being said we are building for the next bear and I think you will be surprised by the eventual outcomes.

Holding BRO gives you secondary access to splinterlands

Not sure on how to capitalise on the worlds most popular game right now? Don't worry, we have you covered. Here at brofund we own nearly all the cards (apart from golds) and have a seasoned player @burlarj running our account for us. Rewards are a plenty and I keep stacking them -- which means when lands come out and are ready to farm then we'll be raring to go. Rewards will be going direct to BRO holders. Yup, that's right! Your heard me. Divs gonna be poppin.

Every BRO is fully backed

Unlike many tokens, if something terrible was to happen to BRO, I don't know, like if I died and no-one was willing to take my place, then we have the collateral to compensate every last person for every BRO they hold. So we are backed by real assets and worth -- this should give you more safety and peace of mind.

Dragons Den Access

Dragons den.png

Do you guys understand what a serious opportunity Dragons Den is? Yes, it's an opportunity to get in front of some of the biggest buyers on hive engine and pitch your (hopefully new!) project idea to us. We want early stake, you want funding -- so let's make something work for both of us. This is a sure way to get some venture capital on the hive blockchain. All you need is an idea! And to be successful in your pitch, and bam!

We lend out our team to other projects

Yes, in an attempt to raise the standards of hive engine projects we lend our team to other budding projects willing to take the leap into "upping their game" -- it can sound like we're being pushy by thrusting this on the community right now but in reality it is a service that's there if you want it, but by all means you do not need to take it. Great if you do, fine if you don't. It's a free service for now so take it whilst you can. Currently we're in the trialling and testing phase, so you guys are our guinea pigs!

You're taking part in our witness campaign

We run a witness node over at hive. You should vote for us! :D - but in all honesty we constantly thrive to make hive a better place for all in more ways than one. We're slowly moving up the witness ranks and that's all thanks to you guys, those that think we're worth it!

The Man Cave will soon be a whole deep economy

Like some games out there that have several tokens within their system and intertwining networks that closely work with each other -- I plan for BRO to be the same in the future. How we go about this I am still working it out, but I am hoping for an immersive and deep economy and community in the coming years!

So sit back

Sit back and enjoy. That's it. Let us do the work for you so that you don't have to. Great, innit?

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I got curious. I checked my records. I found out that @youarealive has been transferring a microscopic quantity of BRO to my account for the past 8 months. I didn't know that ALIVE is connected to BRO. Realizing this, I bought 5 ALIVE and staked them.

For some reason, last 01 March, I bought 1 BRO for 3.97 HIVE and observed how this token worked. Thinking that nothing seemed to happen, I sold that 1 BRO for 3.43 HIVE just three days after and thought that BRO is not for me.

And then DHEDGE came. I bought 100 and added 50 later. DHEDGE also distributes daily a tiny amount of BRO to my account since 08 August.

Now BRO is 7.79 HIVE. It's almost twice the price when I first bought it. The token is expensive for me now. I think I can only make 10 as my initial target. Aside from this, I am thinking of adding more DHEDGE and more ALIVE in the coming days to increase my BRO earnings.

I think I need to carefully read how BRO works.




No doubt, bro is the best token on hive-engine right now with many incentives, there is no loss for holding bro and the future of this token is bright!

Burl never fails to deliver, the bro splinter account will be well managed to the best i can!

Yup, you're awesome at that!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 122 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

The Convo in Dragons Den comes with a mix of everything. It's enlightening, funny and a joy to read... when time permits. Haha.

Really the most awesome part of the BRO community. Very powerful but may be so loud.

Hahah... Yeah. It's very powerful there. I got to witness one of them pitch his project in the Den last week. Jeez. Haha. the questions that came his way shows that you need to know your stuff in order to attract investors.

The loud part of the room is something I hope to enjoy even more whenever I get to be one of those Dragons sometime in the future. Haha

Glad you enjoyed it :)

Held some BRO tokens months ago, sold out a good chunk, but it seems I didn't still understand the project. This posts quite revealed some great fronts of HODLing the BRO token.

Trying to get that out now :)

This is what Dragons Den means to me, I suspect something different that your meaning?

What about the delegation of Community tokens? I have been trying to find a list of those I can delegate to you to help increase my Bro stake.

I delegate my tribe/community tokens to cartel! For example if you delegate pob to "pob-curator", you will get pob back daily from curation. What I suggest is sell half for BRO and compound the other half.

Cartel Discord:

Thank you. I will look into that.

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I will #thread this post

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Nice one Raymond!

Thanks for that update. I had no idea what was available here.

@brofund! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @lisamgentile1961. (3/10)

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Good Afternoon and Thank you, @youarealive! Enjoy your day.😀

The project is going great. I am sure there are a lot of people appreciate all you are doing.