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RE: নন ফিলোসফিক্যাল শিট!

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huh! tell me a bit more...

Why they need to take a line from your room? I can't picture it. Obviously there is an incentive, but I need to picture it in my head.


Dada, there aren’t enough beds in the rooms of wards. So most of the patients are placed on the balcony floor with no ceiling fan. There are no socket points either, so they need an electric line to use table fans.

ahhh, now I get it!

I don't know what to say now...

Everytime I ask 'situation' related questions at hospitals I get stumped like this.

It is pathetic, for lack of a better word dada. We've gotten numb I think, to a certain extent at least.

withou being numb you can't be in that environment..

Ha dada, I agree.