A Tale Of A 1000 HIVE: The 1st HIVE Point in Italy

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I worked for many years as a tourist guide almost free of charge together with young graduates in a structure located in the center of the most important square of the city of Trani, Piazza della Repubblica. This structure is a hexagonal kiosk, built in the 19th century as a small post office, consisting of an iron structure that time and rain has worn down over time.


About ten years ago, collecting small grants, we carried out some small maintenance interventions in order to allow the reopening of the structure as a tourist office, a point where tourists could receive free information on the structures, places to visit, transport and much more .

Unfortunately, today the structure is closed because nobody wanted to subsidize it: there are minimal maintenance costs, in addition to electricity and internet costs.

If I had 1000 HIVE and it was enough for my purpose, I would like to restructure the kiosk and turn it into a HIVE point, an information center on the blockchain that deals with informing people how simple it is with HIVE to carry out micropayments or transactions without commissions.

In order for the blockchain to reach mass adoption it takes a lot of information and I would like to produce material to be disseminated among people. Knowledge and information are the tools with which we can transmit the potential and benefits of this technology of ours.

There are countless people who are ignorant of being able to transfer money anywhere in the world at no cost and instead pay high commissions using companies such as the West Union or banks, very slow in moving money and with considerable costs.

I'd like to set up a HIVE point where I can tell the wonderful community behind it, the unique Dapps like @splinterlands for gamers and @peakd for bloggers, the potential of @threespeak on the vlogger side and the fight against censorship and much more .

People ignore everything that represents our community and with 1000 HIVE one day I will open a HIVE point!

I would like to patent HIVE smartwatches, integrated with wallets and ready for connection to make instant payments without having to take a cell phone and enter a password. Better than current credit cards!

The ideas are really many and the enthusiasm is even more. With the team of developers we have, we can really get anywhere 🚀


Really innovative idea, here we have some kiosk, points from a different company, especially some are from mobile phone company where they sell sim cards. I think it's a great idea to promote hive as well...

Thank you. It would be a great idea in every corner of the world 😋

You should start this project. I'm sure there are 🐋 here who would help. 1000 hive is not so much and the community can put it together fast.

If you decide to go with it, you have my support. I don't have much but I'm on your side and willing to support the project.

For the start I'm upvoting this post and sharing it for people to see it.

Let me know 😊

The kiosk is currently owned by the municipality and I will try to check availability to open it and under what conditions

It would be a really great opportunity and an interesting idea to start globally 😊

Exactly. I've mentioned your project to theycallmedan, let's see if you can get some help :)

Hai avuto una bellissima idea @claudio83 e spero riuscirai a realizzarla e sarebbe una ottima cosa per Hive

Eh magari si potesse realizzare 😊

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