Slip, Trip and Fall

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First event

The other day, you were walking along the footpath, suddenly you slipped on a peel of a banana. Eventually your leg sprained and you were in a hospital for the next 15 days.


Second event

A friend of yours works in an office. He was working sitting in his chair. Suddenly he heard a loud noise outside and rushed out. While running he was stuck with a wire lying on the floor, eventually he fell down and was seriously injured.

Third event

You came home from the office and it was a hectic day. It was very hot outside. So you washed your hands and face and got ready to rest under the ceiling fan in your living room. But you saw your wife standing in a chair cleaning the fan without any safety precautions. Within moments you found your wife's chair overturned and fall to the ground, and an X-ray report later found two broken bones in your wife's arm.

The first of the three scenes above is the Slip, second one is called Trip and the final scene is Fall. These three issues are deeply involved in our personal lives and many situations in our life we have been the victims of these accidents. What many of us may not know is that the percentage of these slip, trip and falll is twenty percent lost time accidents. This means that 20 out of 100 people cannot do their normal work for a long time.


You can be a victim of one of these accidents at any time if you are not aware. However, the following reasons are worth mentioning for such accidents-

Bad weather conditions
Uneven or slippery floor
Obstacles on the pathway
Disobeying the safety rules

Have you ever thought what could happen to you if you were the victim of such an accident? It can lead to-

Lost time accidents
Fracture of bones
Bleeding due to injury

In everyone's life, there must have been many times when you went down the stairs and inadvertently skipped one stair and stepped the next step. This action lead to many leg fractures. This is one of the common incidents.

Now we would like to talk about the reasons why these accidents can happen.

Walking the path without looking properly.
Jumping into any work without prior experience.
Join work when you are sick.
Driving under the influence of alcohol.

By now you must have got a good idea about slip, trip and falls. Now the question is what is the way to get rid of these accidents? The most important thing is to keep a watchful eye around which is called ‘To be vigilant always’.

Only if everyone keeps our home and office environment safe, it is possible to get rid of such accidents. No liquids should be left on the floor for long. If it is kept by mistake we have to use caution sign. No obstacles should be placed on the walkway. When you go down the stairs, always try to get down by holding the handrails. Refrain from talking on the phone while walking. Always try to use any sharp objects carefully. These are some common precautions I am mentioning and besides this you can take situational decisions.

Stay safe and healthy.


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Last i can remember i was the victim of slip. I was rushing through a very slippery tiles and my flat sandals couldn’t keep me on track and i was on the ground. Though i wasn’t hurt but got a little shock while falling down.

Yeap,We all should be careful for our own safety and as well as for the others.

Yes brother. These are the common incidents we face everyday. If we are little vigilant these accidents can be avoided. Have a nice day.