Homonyms: Superpowers? I don't know!

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That's correct.
I have been pondering for a while about what kind of superpower I want. I thought about flying or invisibility or some other.
But eventually, nothing allures me honestly.

But yesterday under the cold shower, I do want some magical event or miracle. I am struggling with what kind of superpower would be suitable to have the power to make those changes.
So I am just going to explain what I wish to accomplish and then you can suggest to me what kind of superpowers I require!

The first superpower I wish to seize is something that will enable me to stop Global Warming.

That burning issue seriously bothers me like a nightmare.
I do not want to give up on this earth before it gives up on its own (like when it burns out its fuel automatically as the physicists suggest)
It might sound silly coming from a small person from a small corner of the world but we are talking about superpowers, right?
Maybe some sort of superpower capable of changing or influencing the minds of the world's leaders!

And then I want to remove every shred of plastic from the world including its further production.

This will also be possible perhaps with the same superpower above?!
And if I anything wants solely for mine I don't need any really.
I can have pretty much anything I want. And what I can not possess but still want, I would rather live it like that as a fuel for me to be desired by life itself.

Ohh...now that I think, I did have an unusual infatuation for vampires.
So if I can I want to be a vampire!

I guess this is all for my superpower desires!
I wonder if it is the impact of working in a humanitarian crisis!

However, I would really love to be a vampire!

If I become one I think gradually I will be able to accomplish the rest, perhaps within hundreds of years!

 2 months ago  

Someone who wants to save this planet and its inhabitants? Quite thoughtful. ♥️

Or do you just want to save the world so that you can suck on some more blood and live a little longer? 🤔

I don't know if it's thoughtful! But I struggle every day with these two! Even more than my messy life, career and every other pain in ass.

now now...that's some insight! Never thought of it but sounds very alluring.😁

 2 months ago  

now now...that's some insight! Never thought of it but sounds very alluring.😁


These two crisis deeply bother me too! -_-
And for that vampire thing, you can play amor bhai's "V rising" too XD it'll be fun for you..
Thanku for joining in! 💙

Me too, very much bro. not only bother but make me distressed every time I see around.

What's that V-rising! Haven't heard of it.🙂

Same, I always keep my snacks packet in bag as there are very few dustbins around us..
It's a multiplayer vampire game.. where you can build your own castle and hunt your pray at night..

I do that as well and it makes me look like a literally stupid nerdy fool!
The issue is Rafa it doesn’t really matter if you through it away or not.
As long as plastic production goes on this never ending cycle will just be warmer every day.

Sounds interesting. I might join!

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