Old Town- Original Watercolor Painting

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Today is my birthday on Hive and I am not sure what I will be doing to celebrate it but all I do know is that I am happy and I am still struggling. On this occasion, I would like to remind you all that life may be chilling but struggling time comes and it is a major part of our life. It helps us to shape ourselves. Happy Birthday to me.

Inspiration : I have done this piece a few days ago. I am not sure what drove me to do this but you all will be able to relate it with one of my previous paintings. This kind of roadside view with passing passengers and a busy road yet empty road inspires me to continue painting. With such a view you will not be able to recognize the year or century. This is what makes it beautiful.

Art Type -
Watercolor painting

Materials Used -
• Handmade watercolor paper
• Brush type: round
• Brush size: 0,1,5,8
• Watercolors
• Palette
• Container of water
• Empty jar & tissue papers

Processing Photos :







The painting is painted and captured by me.

End Note : Life will go on and problems will arise, we must not leave our track and continue to rise. In every time we will find its beauty but as time passes we must treasure them and accept the new change.

Thank you-
I hope you all enjoyed reading and relating. Support me by commenting, reblogging, and liking. Support me by commenting, reblogging, and liking. You may visit my blog for a variety of artworks, crypto discussions, and sports discussions. My expertise in the artwork is watercolor and sketching. I occasionally write about crypto. I love football and sometimes keep my ears for spicy updates on sports. Do share your review, it will guide me to make some better content. Thank you all.

Be artistic, imaginative, do not construct like an architect, you are an artist!

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happy birthday bro.

Thank you. I am looking forward to the year.

I hope we will see more watercolor painting.


Wowww.. Such a beautiful painting:)

Thank you. I am glad you liked it.

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