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I never miss an opportunity to show gratitude because it keeps me grounded. Often we get consumed with life and everything it throws our way and forgot about the things we have going on for us. It is quite easy to focus on the worst things in our lives rather than the good. So I would like to use this post to remind myself of the good things in life now.

Firstly, I am grateful for the opportunity to do what I love--writing. I do not consider myself a professional but I do enjoy stinging ideas together and sharing them with the world, and being able to do this and also make a living out of it is more than I can ask for. It is a miracle, to say the least. I am living my dream and I am forever grateful for this opportunity.

Secondly, my partner. Love found me when I least expected it. I had totally given up on the idea of love until she came my way. It is one thing to be loved and a whole different experience being loved right. For the first time in a long while I have someone who loves completed; someone I can count on in difficult times; someone I confide in and share my life with. I will not trade this for anything in the world.

Thirdly, I am grateful to those who support me as a creator through their comments and upvotes. Without you guys, I won't be here. I appreciate the time and effort in giving me meaningful feedback. As a creator, your greatest joy is knowing that your words resonate with other people. As much as want to make money from my creative endeavour, it is paramount to me that I connect to people with my content. So being able to do this was a huge win for me.

Lastly, I am grateful for my life. As much as I would like to complain, I know a lot of my peers who are still struggling. Considering everything that's happening in my country right now, I feel privileged to have a roof over my head and a future to look forwards to. Many in this part of the world don't have this luxury.

So I say 'thank you' God/life for everything. I wish to give as much as I have been given.

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I also grateful for my life,when I compare it with most of my peers, it is something I just say "Thank you for". It is very important to see you thanked those who curate and read your post too, it is also needed too.

Yeah, I am grateful for everything I have on this platform and the people who support me. I make it a point never to take anything I get here for granted because I understand how difficult it can be for other people.

Wow, the second thing you are grateful for caught my attention and I pray that every one of using day gets to find that someone that makes us complete.

Gratefulness is the key to a successful life.

Yeah, I pray so too. It is a great accomplishment to find the right person. I have found that and my life is a lot better because of it.

One of the reasons people feel depressed at work is because they hate their jobs, it's indeed a privilege to be able to do something you love and still make a living from it.

I will not trade this for anything in the world.

Will you trade it for a small kiss?😉

Will you trade it for a small kiss?😉

Let me think about it.... :)

Too late, the offer is off the table. Bye Felicia

😍😍You guys are just adorable

we dey disguise...🤣

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There are so much to be grateful for in life.

Yes there is. Maybe you can share yours with the community