Hive Promotional Video for Bangladesh

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Lot's of Bangladeshi people are ready to gather knowledge about cryptocurrency. They want to earn crypto by writing and sharing their content. But I found that there is no promo video in Hive in Bengali to give them a basic idea. Promotional video is an effective way of advertising.

Hive promo video

So I thought why not! Let's help the community to grow more. I have some basic whiteboard animation skills, it took me almost 5 hours to create this 1-minute promo video. But the outcome is not bad at the end. I hope it will give my native people an idea about the Hive. And I believe some of them will be interested to join Hive after watching promo!

▶️ Watch on 3Speak | ▶️ 3Speak

Looks like 3speak website was down for a moment. So I uploaded this promo video on YouTube as well.

I want to keep this video copyright free. Anyone can use this video anywhere without permission. No attribution needed, but I'll be happy if you give the courtesy. I will provide a downloadable link soon.

I would like to thank @bdcommunity for inspiring me to this journey. Bangladesh is a land of unique, hardworking, and talented people so I think these people will contribute a lot to Hive's development. I would like to thank @tarazkp and @thepeakstudio as I used some images from their blogs.

Let me know if you want a promo video in English as well.

My discord: pitboy#4591


Great one bro.. I really appreciate you

Thanks bhai. :)

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