The Court Case

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The gratitude on the young girls face was all Sarah, the attorney needed to see to let herself know that she had saved the young girls future. The judge gave Sarah a faint smile before walking into her chambers. Sarah avoided looking at the old man who had been sitting not too far away from her. She didn't really care about how the old man felt, all she knew was that she did the right thing and she was happy with that. The man was old enough to be her father, how could he get married to a girl who had barely clocked seventeen.

The parents of the girl had come to thank Sarah for doing what she did. Though they weren't forced to give their daughters hand in marriage to the rich old man, they had thought it would be best for her. But the judge, before giving her final verdict had scolded her parents, telling them how marrying their daughter off at such an early age could permanently reduce her to nothing but an ordinary housewife. She needed to go to school and have a career for herself. The judge had also talked about how unfair it was for them to give their daughter to a man of such age without her consent.

By the time the judge was done talking, both the girls father and mother hung their head low in shame. It was obvious they had not thought about all of this and had obviously been blinded by the amount of money been offered to them by the own man as the bride price. The same bride price the judge had ordered to be returned as soon as possible.

Sarah had smiled at the parents while telling them that she was only doing her job. The parents had thanked her one more time and promised to return every penny back to the old man before heading out with their daughter. But just as Sarah was about to follow suit, the old man grabbed her arm.

“You think you've won huh?” The man asked in a low but sharp disgruntled voice.

Sarah said nothing other than look at the police officer standing not to far away from them and the old man immediately understood the message, he quickly released his grip on her. “You should be ashamed of yourself” Sarah said to the man before walking out of the courtroom.


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