Give yourself the feeling of Accomplishment!

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You may have seen some of the memes that create on how lazy we are getting; about our resolution, about Monday, and whatnot. And if you go through the comment section you will notice, people like to show how lazy they are. It's like an achievement.


It may sound very boring to you but I never find them funny. Well, maybe we didn't have internet back then, we had a different childhood, different social system; that's why. But it always bothers me when I see someone celebrate their 'unproductiveness'.

I'm not saying we always have to be productive, do need to be funny. Absolutely not. But this 'culture' makes me feel bad because it gives the wrong message.

The feeling of accomplishment is so pure and worthy. Remind yourself of something big that you have achieved and you will get what I'm saying. This feeling actually can be created by small achievements throughout our day. Like our house chores or any self-development tasks.


I was a straight 'A' for my whole academic life. It's not like I was too intelligent or anything. But I loved the feeling of accomplishment. And guess what, it comes with so many benefits and improves your excellency.

You don't have to extraordinary, don't have to force yourself. Read a chapter maybe, some cluttering, any house chores, managing your office file, or anything simple. Just look around and you will find many tasks which need to take care of to improve your life.

Smart is the new sexy, so be smart. There's nothing to be proud of if you are being lazy; if you are not taking care of yourself; if you are watching tv for the whole day. Move and start doing something. Celebrate over your accomplishment, not for your unproductiveness.

Think about it. Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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