A Weird Desire

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Sometimes putting on entire freedom on mine and letting the body give attention to obey has a tremendous feeling. Sometimes our minds thoughts something weird but our cores do not act according to the thoughts of our minds. There is a question: why do not you take action following the weird thoughts? Well, as I said earlier that is a weird thought which is the prime reason behind the case.


Whenever you take an attempt to make a weird feeling convert into reality, at the moment very naturally you may have worries about your circumstances, may have worries about how people have a concept about yourself while doing things.

I believe those things work like an obstacle to going with the flow of mind. What do you think, listening to the sound of the soul Is an unfair thing? I accept It might be a weird desire of your mind, but If you feel inner peace while doing the weird thing then will not be weird good? Yes, It is and believes the peace you get is priceless. Just now, I recalled a memory of my children.

It might be the time when I was just in class two or three. At that time every child doesn't care about anything and doesn't have complicated thoughts in his mind. Just wanna live a wholesome life which matters. I was not out of them, that time I had done several weird things when I recall those actions of mine I truly laugh out.

During the Tiffen period when I had done my Tiffen I went to the school field to play with the boys or to run the rest of the time. One day I thought let's make some fun, not playing. I noticed each and every single boy with motion, I didn't run that time, standing in a corner of the field and I made my right or left leg forward when a boy across my place. Immediately the boy fell down and It was too crazy a thing to do. I still laugh recalling the memory.

Well, childhood has gone and I hardly do weird things to make my soul pleased. The last couple of days, I could make myself tranquil, I don't exactly know the reason maybe I had been staying alone for some days It could be a reason to detect. I told myself let's do some weird things which my mind calls me to do.

The previous day, in the evening period I went to from my home, felt empty inside because I missed the meeting with my friends too. I called a friend of mine to meet but it did not happen. My mind called let's make a journey without having predestination.

I got into a vehicle to go where my soul told me to take off. My Grandpa's house was primarily selected for my destination. In the midway, I exited out from the vehicle because that was nearby my uncle's home. I went there approximately four years later to meet up with one of my cousins. When he saw me after a long period of time I could not express in my words how happy he was.

I just went there to meet him and came back again but it didn't happen. Because he cordially or forcefully requested me to stay the day for him. I could not refuse the request. The night was full of the moon. Approximately 10 P.M, everything was going well. I spent a tremendous time with my uncle and my grandpa gossiping.

Suddenly electricity had gone, I got quite irritated because the whole day was a pretty hot and exhausting day. Immediately I went out and I saw something which shocked me quite. The sky looked like quite a day because of the full moonlight.


I and my uncle sat next to a pond bank to watch the view in a better way. Oh, believe me, the place looked too good at the time and had a good amount of fresh air there. By sitting the place our gossiping was going on. Although electricity got back around 3:00 A.M. I was enjoying the time sitting there. I am blessed that a weird desire is a reason for my precious time.


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