Complaints About Life

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Do you have any complaints about your life? Do you like to change any habit of yours that is suffering you the most or doing too much hard work to fix the issue but not been solved yet and that's why you feel exhausted? Oh, If you asked these questions a couple of years back, I would be very glad to answer these questions, especially when I was in school I enjoyed the time most. During the time I was quite happy with my life and truly said that I had totally zero complaints about my life.


At the time I had a very busy schedule in my life, woke up very early in the morning, Most of the days I woke up too early in the morning and saw every family member of mine was in deep sleep. I was quite active in my life at the time, after getting up from my bed I got fresh, took some snacks. In a hurry, I packed up my school bag with some of my essential books and immediately went out to attend my private class on foot with my friends.

After ending the private class I came back to my home following my friends and took my breakfast in a rush and got ready wearing the school uniform. Most of my friends came to the private class in the morning wearing their school uniforms as their home is too far from the school. My home is not too far from my school, so I would take advantage of having my home not too far from the school. In fact, I could hear the sound of the school bell and could also able to hear the assembly sound. That's why I took the advantage and I had no suffering.

After finishing the first four classes when the bell was being beaten for Tiffin every student started shouting in joy. I had a huge number of friends at the time, somedays I was playing cricket matches on the school field with my friends. Someday I totally forgot to take my lunch while playing with my friends. I loved playing cricket most so at the time every afternoon I went to the school field to play cricket with one of my close friends.

As when I passed my school life and entered into college life my routine of life had been totally changed. I had to study till late at night and from that time I became nocturnal. I didn't care about the matter at all. But In lockdown when everything had been closed the bad habit of my waking nights had converted into a worst one. Recently, I felt that the worst habit of mine should have been fixed as early as I can.

When the lockdown had been withdrawn, every university had been gradually taking their exams. So, our university was on the same path. After participating in all of my written exams as when I went for my viva I was a little bit nervous but I answered all of the questions correctly when I felt that my viva is gonna finished, the examiner asked me the names of my department teachers, I was stuck telling the answers although I knew all the teachers I could remember one's name at the time. I tried so hard to remember but I couldn't.

I felt very sad because of that. When I got back from the door I got remember the name of the teacher but it was too late. Recently I am facing the issue and I feel that had happened because of my worst habit. Now, It's the time I wanna fix it as fast as I can.


Yunno sometimes we get to forget important things at the time we need it most and immediately we step away from that place, our brain seems to get a reboot and boom! We remember immediately making us feel like hating ourselves but it's not out fault. It has happened to me a lot and I've been trying my possible best to fight it too.

sometimes we get to forget important things at the time we need it most and immediately we step away from that place, our brain seems to get a reboot and boom!

Oh, yeah! But I'm facing the issue frequently in recent times, that's why I feel very sad and I know why this thing is happening with me, now this is my only complaint about my life and I wanna fix the habit as soon as I can.

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