Thoughts On The Special Day

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Eid-Ul-Adha is going on & going on Its vacation. It's one of the happiest occasions to celebrate for us. But in recent times I have noticed a thing quite deeply that is most of the people around me more specifically my friends and people on social media too are posting like, "Eid doesn't feel like eid." This phrase looks so simple but it has a deep massage which in a couple of days I am feeling it.

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Well, you might eagerly be waiting to know about my feelings on that matter. Yes, I have quite the same feeling on the special day and It hardly feels to me that the day has something special to celebrate. I have been hunting for the exact answer behind the issue which badly influence me and most people my same age have the same impression.

Some cases I have found and some circumstances I have realised by thinking too much on the topic which could be the prime reasons behind the issue. I started taking with my inner soul which I often do when my feelings are stuck in a spot. I love to talk with my inner soul when I can not express my feelings to others. Simply play a game with my soul the game is: questioning & answering.

The person asking the question is me and the replier is me (my inner soul) too. The condition of the game is: the soul has to reply to the answer based on his present feelings with honesty and I attempt to put my sufficient while doing the thing. Well, I asked my inner soul, why don't you feel something special on the special day? When was the last time you were happy for Eid? Believe me, these two questions entirely cleared all dust from my mind which was being preserved for a couple of days in my mind.

Telling the truth, Eid had Its true value, I had pleased when eid came in my childhood days, there was too much fun and I had been waiting for the day for a long long time. Because at that time I could get close to my all relatives, at that time no worries on my mind, the night when the moon was visible in the night sky watching the moon at night sky had a feeling like I have seen something most desirable after a long long time and that feeling I could express through my words.

Whenever someone looked at my face at the time he could just explain how delightful I was at the moment. There was a tradition to collect some Fireworks to blast on the night. I recalled a memory just now when I was in class 6 at this period of time I was in my village home to celebrate eid.

Once before eidday's night, I was having some fireworks with one of my cousins, suddenly a firework blasted badly in front of the cow and It afraid of the thing badly and it tore the neck rope and ran, somehow my grandpa catched it. Although I heard a lot of bad words about these activities, I still liked them to do, haha. It is the precious memory which I will never forget and those days will never get back.

Collecting Eidi from the elders had a great joy. At the end of the days we all youngers were siting a place together and talking about who reached the right mark. At present those all are missing, those all are stuck in our memory. Maybe that is why I don't feel that much fun like before. Maybe that's why people are saying Eid doesn't feel like eid.


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