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Hello everyone
We all know the eternal truth that "the human race is the best creature on earth created by the Creator." The Creator has therefore given man the power of self-respect, conscience or understanding, the power of seeing, the power of seeing, the power of hearing and the power of speech. He has created with the strength and ability to be respected in all respects.

In addition to the creation of human beings, everything we see, understand and know about the earth and inside and outside the earth is the creation of the Creator. And the best or the best of all creation is mankind.

And how much we, the human race, have come to be the best, can be understood by looking at the irresistible dynamic competition of human beings to be the best in today's world. At the very beginning of human life, we came to the world with the identity of superiority.

The manifestation of this competition for the best of the human race worldwide can be seen in many ways. Sometimes individual centric competition, sometimes society, country and state centric competition. Once again, the liberation of excellence is manifested through global competition.

There was a time when the human race competed to do something good for the world and the people of the world and to maintain it well. Gradually people began to make the competition consistently more dynamic. To this day, the earth is constantly moving beyond the earth.

Even if we know that the human race is the best creature on earth, we may not know one thing. The world we live on is the land and gardens created by the creators for the Holocaust. He sent the human race to the earth in the best way of creation.

Remember, man comes into the world as the best creature by the grace of the Creator and roams all over the world. And so the artificial rivalry or war of superiority that is going on in the world is leading the human race and the whole world towards inferiority.

Just as the Creator created the earth for the human race, so the Creator will destroy the earth for the inferiority of the people of the earth.

And so we should all, through good qualities and good deeds, maintain and respect the excellence given by the Creator.