300 - Shitposting to Glory!

in BDCommunity4 months ago (edited)

I received this comment on my post yesterday.


Shitposted my way to 300 eh!! Let's "celebrate" with more shitposts then!

I had joined the blockchain in August 2017. So nearly 5 years on paper. I haven't actually been active all of these 5 years. In fact if my calculations serve me right, I have been totally detached from the chain for nearly 3 of those years. Yikes, No gold medals for attendance!

I am not known to be among the most active bloggers in the community. Dada often expresses his dissent at how little we write while the reward pool is being smothered like a birthday cake by....well if you know you know!

Taking my absent years into consideration, I have written 300 posts in less than 2 years. That's 1 post every 2-3 days...a figure that surprises me. Yes, there are authors who writes 5-6-7 times more than I ever can, but this is not about comparison. It never was.

I am not a writer by any definition, which is why I think I preserve some right to be proud of what I have achieved. Could have been better, yes. But not bad either!

Almost reaching levels where I can call myself "Professional Shitposter!" Some resume that heh!

Professional Shitposter

April is generally bad for my "career (!)"

After beginning in 2017, the first time I went missing from the chain was April 2018, returned to blogging almost 2 years later in Feb 2020.

After beginning in 2020, the next time I went missing was...you guessed it! April 2021, returned to blogging nearly a year later around Jan/Feb 2022.

April 2022 went by and I'm still here, dodged a bullet there but the real slippery-sloppity-slope is April 2023. We shall see!

Until then, Shitpost On!


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