After All

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Another night he walked on the familiar shore again; he didn't visit regularly before but now he never missed a night. Before it was merely for his own peace and contentment that he'd take a walk on the beach, look at the sunset, and take few breaths of that salty air that calmed his nerves, but now the purpose of his visit was different.

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Richard was waiting for her, day after night and night after day. No matter how his days went by, he religiously came back to the shore at late hours hoping to meet her again. He was looking forward meet her again; another chance to talk to her again, to get a glimpse of her, to hear her mellow voice. Each night he spent hours waiting for her but she never came, not since that fateful night. He never lost hope though, he never gave up. Like all other days, he waited for her to appear again; he was certain he'd meet her, he believed it.

Nahnna will come back. She has to. He kept telling himself that.

And he paced back and forth in longing, waiting and every night he was disheartened. Each night he'd walk along the shore, dipping his toes on the waves and sigh; hope was something he held on to dearly. You got to admit that he's acting rather irrationally; cupid's bow had struck him hard and he can't get his mind wrapped around why he was feeling what he was feeling. He was captivated by her beauty, drunk in her melodic voice and the absence of her made him a man stranded in the desert; she was his mirage. If only just she came over, he'd feel rescued from his doom. It's been so long since he had seen her but her memory was embedded on him.

It's a new moon night; he didn't realized that the beach would be so dark and deserted. He tried his best to gaze through his surroundings although he doesn't seem to mind the darkness that enveloped him. The sea was raging in high tide and the strong wind was blowing; he thought of giving up his search early but decided to stay back a little longer. He felt as if all the rocks, the sand and the waves knew how he was feeling but couldn't help but be there just to keep him company. He went back to that same rock where he'd seen her the first time.

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Just as he was about to turn he saw there was a glow on the dark waters of the sea heading toward where he was standing. A silhouette was slowly ascending from the depth of the sea and he couldn't make out who it was in the beginning. The unknown figure kept coming towards his direction and soon enough he knew it was. All the nights he had waited, all the disappointment and sadness that engulfed him were slowly vanishing away.

She came. At long last she came

Nahnna looked as beautiful as the first time he saw her; just as radiating and captivating. For a moment, he couldn't grasp to what he was seeing. She was coming closer with each small steps but he was frozen on the spot. He had been anticipating for this encounter but as soon as she was right in front of him, all he could do was stare in disbelief. He couldn't muster enough to speak and she just smiled at him. Her aura was bright enough to keep the darkness of the new moon at bay. He tried to speak but his words somehow got caught up on his throat. After a while he finally spoke with a stutter.

Hi. He said.

She smiled brightly.

The siren reappeared. 1


Beautifully written. Well done 👍

Thank you so much

You are welcome

Woow this was good! You added a little twist by making her a Siren instead of the common 'mermaid'. It adds up to her mystery.. Good job! 😊

thank you 😀 at first I thought mermaid will be too wholesome but sirens have some sort of a mysterious aura and feared by many