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Whenever you are introducing any body into the cryptoccurrency world you should ensure to always make sure that you guide them to the finish line. One important thing you should focus your attention on is to make sure that their keys is safe and secured. Even though they said to you that they have saved it please still endeavor to make sure that they have safe it so securely.

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You know it will be very bad to see that after days, months or years of your life in the cryptocurreny world you found out that you can't access your account again. Loosing your account is not that bad but imagine loosing fund in it. Imagine you have millions of dollars in your account and all were lost because you have lost your keys which you need in other to access the account. This can lead to hypertension, death, stroke, madness and lost of bad sickness if you are not careful enough. As for newbie please we beg you in the name of God don't in any play with your keys, you can fall victim to it and this will mean the end of your money as nothing can be done about it.

I have introduced and talked many people into cryptoccurrency world but when you tell them to save their keys so securely they will tell you they have saved it so properly. When you keep trying to tell them they need to save it so securely and treat it so special becauese of the usefulness it has, they will tell you that they have saved it and you should not bother about it. Just give them some months you see that the account private keys is lost as they can't key into their account again. Funny enough they will now run to you disturbing you on how it can be rectified. Funny enough if you fall into the category the answer is NO, it can't be rectified without you having your keys. The safety of your account is in your hands, save your keys properly and very securely and privately don't be lazy, treat this aspect very important.

The number one reason why it is important to treat your private key very specially and why exchange, wallet and blogging platform will always preach to you to keep your private keys so securely is that they don't have the power to recitify it because your keys is generated by system and since is your private account they programmed their site in a way that they can't see your keys, this is to ensure that they don't have access to your account in other for them not to steal your fund as time goes on. Since they don't have your account keys you should knows that it is risky if you lost your account as you won't be able to gain access into your account again.

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You know that when you have money anywhere you will like to make sure that you keep it save so that it won't lost along the line, this is the same with your private keys or whatsoever medium that you can use to get access into your account. You will see people begging you to treat it serious now, they are doing it base on the experience they have gotten from their stay in the cryptoccurrency world. Don't in any way thinks that they are bothering you, they just don't want you to experience what they have experienced, you will definitely don't like the outcome.

The reason for this post is because of the issue happening recently with somebody I referred into cryptocurreny, his own issue is that he thinks he knows it all. I introduced him into cryptoccurrency and preached to him that when he lost his keys thay he won't gain access to it his account again. I went ahead to teach him where to keep his keys, he said he has done it. I remind him after days he says he has done it and there is no way he will loose it. I said okay no problem.

He bought two coins through me, one is hunt token and the other sportstalk. Do you know that after about 2 years hunt token rises so heavily that if you are holding in with good quantity you are already rich? He bought with about $199 and it is now worth more than $15000, imagine the money he is into. I called him one day to tell him that the coin, hunt token has increased in value. He checked and was happy, I was really happy for him. Because finally he has gotten out of poverty. We rushed to check his account only to discovered that he has lost his keys and his Sim card. The phone number he used in registering for his account he has lost it. Since the Dex exchange will send OT.P to his phone number and since he can't get any message base on the fact that he has lost his sim card this became an issue. No O.T.P to login in and no Sim card to receive messages too, double issue.

Do you know that since then he still calls me on how to sort the issues out, I told him I can't fix that and nobody can help on that. Such a pity. Now this doesn't happen with his hunt token account only, his sportstoken account he can't access it too. He lost both account at same time. This is indeed painful as I just got confused. I remembered when I was begging him back then to treat his account so safely he keeps telling me not to bother myself about that only to found out that he has not saved it at all. He always thinks he knows it all, look at what he has gotten his self into. Funny enough I have his keys before but he was accusing wrong then so I delete it and today he is begging me for it.


My advice to any body into cryptocurreny is to always treat their keys so importantly, a lost to it will always be disastrous as it might affect you in any way. Don't think you knows it all, listen to preaching from those ahead of you and do what they asked you to do. Another thing here is that no matter what, you should never in any way give out your keys to anybody, surely your account will be hacked as he/she will gain access into it. I hope you have learnt from the story? Don't over look what the importance of your keys, always treat your keys so important.

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