A father To Son Conversation

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I am beginning to drift away from writing due to incessant power outages, measly distractions, writer's block and scarcity of creativity but this new week came with an idea on what I should write - I am happy to capture this thought as it came through the stroke of my pen.

Actually the post that I had in mind to write was a dreary police case involving two tenants in a distant street last week saturday but because of the fear of snipe curation to ruin my efforts that makes some authors miss big curation from the big accounts - I have decided to write it at a later date when I am certain I will be missed by the hit of snipe curation.


Since my dad came back home after a long absence, I've had more peace of mind and ironed out major family misunderstanding - the anger I used to have back then towards him has all vanished, got wrapped and bundled away into the past - In most of our family discussions during our reflective mood, I tend to give more ears to my dad's story of the good old days.

From his memory lane, he shares stories of how he was doped by fraudsters posing as real house agent when we were looking for a new apartment, how he lost the opportunity to buy a land in Lagos state under our family name because of $100 difference in payment of a bid that came at the last minute without his awareness, how he was rubbished by his younger siblings when things went crumbling, how those he sent abroad and excelled when he was buoyant in all fronts have now forsaken him.

The story is heart-rending to hear but I am glad to garner some of his experience and stack it to mine - in the long run it will help polish my future actions and decisions whenever I see a repetition of what he went through.

That will be all for today. Thanks for reading. See y'all in my post. Happy Monday to you all.

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Happy Monday to you too. Indeed one can always learn from the mistake of others and most definitely from our parents.
Mistakes of the past should be lessons learnt to be avoided now and in the future. The key is to keep going - setting new goals and persevering. It is not always easy but it is possible.

Thanks for sharing so openly.

The key is to keep going - setting new goals and persevering. It is not always easy but it is possible.

I couldn't agree more with you because this is the aim and you are right.

Thank you for reading. May your Monday be fruitful.